Key Account Manager - JD

Sales Beijing, China


Position at Logitech


负责公司产品在京东平台的对接,熟悉京东自营渠道的操作模式,制定销售方案,达成季度销售目标。 与市场部沟通协作,合理规划促销活动、费用使用等生意管理,包括罗技在平台的市场份额提升、品牌影响力提升、以重点品类为主的整体业务的增长。 统计、分析产品的销售数据,及时产品所在类目的市场趋势和变化,包括竞争对手的策略分析,制定并调整相应的销售策略。 整合公司的相关部门资源来推进京东平台的产品销售、订单管理和客户服务工作。


本科及以上学历,4年以上大型电商平台销售管理经验; 精通京东平台运营及业务管理; 有丰富的知名品牌电商管理经验优先; 具有优秀的组织规划能力、学习能力和沟通能力; 抗压性强,能适应频繁出差。

Your Contribution:

Responsible for Logitech products in the Jingdong platform docking, familiar with Jingdong self-channel operation mode, develop sales program, to achieve sales targets. Communicate with Customer Marketing department, planning promotional activities, the use of cost and other business management, including to enhance market share, brand influence and overall business growth, especially in strategic category. Statistics, analysis of product sales data, timely product market trends and changes in the category, including the strategic analysis of competitors, develop and adjust the corresponding sales strategy. Integration of the relevant departments of the company's resources to promote Jingdong platform product sales, order management and customer service work.

Key Qualifications:

Bachelor degree or above, 4 years or more large-scale electric business platform sales management experience; Proficient in Jingdong platform operation and business management; Has a wealth of well-known brand management experience is preferred; Have excellent organizational planning skills, learning ability and communication skills;
Compressive strength, can adapt to frequent travel.