Call Center / Dispatch / Reservationist / Scheduler Minneapolis, MN


Partial duties include:

  • Respond to phone inquiries, questions and concerns regarding customer trips including no shows, cancels, and missed trips
  • Monitor daily service by reviewing route performance and late pick-up issues
  • Use MDTs to communicate with drivers on route
  • Use operations report to proactively address any service issues
  • Handle all emergency situations (zero codes)
  • Have a knowledge of the First Transit service area and have the ability to analyze data/reports relative to drivers manifest
  • This position will require the ability to multi-task and monitor multiple routes at any given time in a stressful environment
  • Your work shift flexibility will include working weekends, evenings, and holidays
  • Liaisons between drivers and both clients and organization in customer service issues
  • Provide excellent and caring customer service
  • Communicates job requirements and responsibilities to drivers
  • Other operational duties as assigned


Experience and skills requirements:

  • Proven dependability and attention to customer service
  • Ability to work independently in all weather conditions, wet, hot, or cold, as needed
  • Excellent knowledge of the Twin Cities metropolitan area
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Proven organizational skills and the ability to balance multiple tasks
  • Computer literate with working knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Familiar with basic vehicle mechanical processes and maintenance
  • Ability to effectively prioritize tasks and manage time effectively
  • Excellent verbal, written and relational communication skills, with ability to appropriately interact with employees of all levels including drivers, customers, senior management, client representatives, union officials and general public; fluent in English and ability to legibly write reports
  • Demonstrate regular and consistent attendance and punctuality
  • Use of full ranges of hearing, speech and vision
  • Use of fingers (manual dexterity) handling paperwork
  • Stoop, stand, sit, crouch, squat or kneel when performing work duties of any type
  • Bend at knee, hip, waist when performing duties