Devops- Python, kubernetecs

Engineering - India Bangalore, India Req.Num.: 18341

The Role :
Nutanix is looking for a DevOps Lead who will be responsible for managing ,developing complete CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure and also responsible for release management. You should have deep understanding of modern web architectures & Cloud platforms. You should have experience operating production services; innate understanding of the importance of monitoring & alerting, as well as best practices for rolling out frequent production changes with customer impact and customer value in mind.

Responsibilities :
- Develop and manage complete CI/CD pipeline and infrastructure.
- Integrate newly developed and existing applications into private, public and hybrid cloud environments.
- Automate deployment pipelines in a scalable, secure and reliable manner.
- Leverage application monitoring tools to troubleshoot and diagnose environment issues.
- Communicate and collaborate with Development and product teams.
- Build complete devops culture in team.
- Responsible for building reports/tools to make right decision.
- Have a culture of automation where any repetitive work is automated.

Experience/Skills/Education Requirements :
- BS in Computer Science or related field.
- 8+ years of DevOps experience.
- Sound knowledge on System Administration, Web/App Administration, Scripting, DB concepts, Network and Security.
- Experience with AWS.
- Experience with configuration management frameworks such as Chef or Puppet.
- Experience with both NoSQL databases like MongoDB and relational databases like MySQL and Postgress.
- Familiarity with Git or other source control system.
- In-depth knowledge of build/release systems and process.
- Experience with evaluating and applying new technologies and applying the right tool for the right job.
- Deploying Micro-services on Kubernetes, platform as a service (PaaS) features, such as container grouping, auto healing, horizontal auto-scaling,DNS management, load balancing, rolling out updates, resource monitoring, and implementing container as a service (CaaS) solutions.


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