DevOps Engineer, Developer Productivity

Engineering - EMEA Belgrade, Serbia Req.Num.: 26160

DevOps Engineer, Developer Productivity 
Hungry, Humble, Honest, with a Heart. 

The Opportunity: 

We manage and build highly scalable services that support thousands of engineers at Nutanix. We breathe infrastructure as code, monitoring/alerting, kubernetes, and python. We find and use services and tools that improve the productivity of our engineers. When those services and tools don’t exist, we build them. Join our team for the opportunity to do all those things, in a collaborative environment that values your contributions.

Your Role: 
  • Design, implement and monitor enterprise-grade secure fault-tolerant infrastructure
  • Build infrastructure automation tools and frameworks leveraging Docker, Kubernetes, CloudFormation/Terraform, and Helm
  • Continuously evaluate and identify current system bottlenecks, and implement solutions to improve the scalability of our infrastructure
  • Work with extended teams to manage systems and infrastructure required for ongoing development and releases
  • Participate in the on-call rotation for our services
  • Consult with internal and external stakeholders on the best way to accomplish a given task
  • You will help grow the team by mentoring and interviewing other talented engineers that want to join us
What You’ll Bring: 
  • 5+ years of relevant experience
  • Significant programming experience in one or more languages (i.e., python)
  • Linux systems administration experience
  • Substantial experience with containerization and kubernetes
  • Host level understanding of networking (TCP/IP)
  • Significant experience using APIs and producing automation that uses them
  • Significant on-prem and cloud (AWS/GCP) experience, design-patterns, limitations, and cost containment techniques
  • Prior experience implementing significant technology redesign projects
  • Ability to implement effective monitoring and alerting
Even better if you bring: 
  • Experience supporting CI/CD systems (Jenkins, CircleCI)
  • Experience with Artifact Management Systems (Artifactory, Nexus)
  •  Experience administering source code management systems (GitHub, Gerrit)
  • Database administration experience
About The Team 

Meet Marc Swingler, the hiring manager 
  • I joined Nutanix in 2018 as a DevOps Engineer to support engineering teams at scale
  • I now manage the team I originally joined in 2018
  • Before joining Nutanix, I previously worked as a Software Engineer, Release Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and Manager.
  • Big wins tend to come from big challenges. My biggest professional wins come from taming performance issues in systems used at scale.
  • A more personal win for me was learning to seek criticism. It’s helped me grow both professionally and as an individual.
  • We’re looking to find a new team member who loves a good challenge, strives for the well-designed solution, is always working to evolve and improve
What the Team Says 
  • I enjoy working as part of the developer productivity team, a team of incredible people passionate about infrastructure success. This team makes a significant contribution to the daily success of products. It is a dynamic environment where everyone is ready to collaborate and work together to find solutions. I highly value Nutanix’s culture that encourages passion and curiosity for innovation and technology. – Malvika Agrawal
  • I’ve had a great experience at Nutanix. This place is packed with super-smart people who collaborate to do their best work together. We embrace our differences and ensure we have fun along the way. Everyone is empowered to work on things that they are passionate about. Our ideas matter. I love Nutanix culture and the respect we get from each other. – Ankit Khandelwal
How We Work 

Nutanix’s Developer Productivity team is responsible for enabling all of our developers to do their best work at Nutanix. We manage and maintain build systems in Nutanix’s data center and AWS, which provide our entire build and test environments and related services. Our DevOps engineers collaborate closely with product development and work in both the infrastructure and software domains. We prefer automation to interruptions and infrastructure as code over sprawling manual processe 


Nutanix is an equal opportunity employer.

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