Mobile Software Engineer

Software Development Duluth, Georgia



• Engineers build, design and write scalable code to enhance the product or resolve issues within the product. Expectations for this professional ranges from low (entry level) to high (senior members) who will perform professional and specialized duties including the following:
• Competent with necessary tools/technology.
• Design and Implement design specifications, products and features for EngerGov solutions.
• Understand and apply programming and user interface standards applicable to the product.
• Develop software systems testing, validation procedures, and documentation;
• Design, write code and access EnerGov frameworks and APIs to enhance complex business models;
• Utilize knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, including design and best practices to development, testing and production of various EngerGov products and services;
• Develop and maintain knowledge of multiple applications, functional areas, technical skills and programming languages;
• Spends 90% of working time writing code or understanding software/technical interactions to enable them to finish coding/testing of their work.

o Microsoft .NET / C#
o SQL Server
o General Database Design
o Stored Procedures
o N-Unit, Microsoft Unit Test Framework
o .NET API, RESTful service
o MVC, MVVM, SOA pattern exposure
o Source Control (Git, TFS, AccuRev, etc.)

These skills are not required but preferred
o Xamarin
o Mobile iOS, Android, UWP development, knowledge on mobile development.
o Factory, Singleton, Dependency Injection (DI) design patterns


• Unique ability to understand technical problems and use the tools available (primarily programming languages) to solve them in a manner that is scalable and maintainable taking all variables into account.
• 2+ years exp. in C#, .Net, SQL Server.