Client Service Representative (CSR)

Customer Service/Client Care Norwood, Massachusetts


Position at Norwood Animal Hospital

Our Ideal Candidate: 
An individual who enjoys working with people and diverse clients and is caring, friendly, and efficient. They create a warm and welcoming impression and remain professional and courteous while handling multiple tasks with many interruptions.  A full time position would require working 30-40 hours/week.

The purpose of this position is to provide outstanding client service. The Client Service Representative (CSR) answers the phone, differentiates between routine and emergency cases, schedules appointments, greets clients, admits and checks out patients, processes payments, manages financial information, and communicates information between clients and staff.

The CSR firmly believes in the quality of care provided and communicates this sense of assurance to clients. They understand the hospital services and recommendations and clearly communicates them to clients. They empathize with clients and remain compassionate and well-mannered if a client becomes emotional or discourteous. They remain calm and collected in the face of emergency situations. Ultimately, it is the CSR who creates a good first and last impression on clients. The importance of this role cannot be over-emphasized.

Must be able to withstand unpleasant odors and noises. May be exposed to bites, scratches, animal waste, and contagious diseases.

Reports to: CSR Supervisor

Primary Responsibilities

Telephone Communication

• Answers incoming telephone calls by the third ring using proper telephone etiquette. This includes using a three-part greeting and asking callers before placing them on hold.

• Operates a multiple-line telephone system. Answers incoming lines, places callers on hold, transfers calls, and pages staff members. Takes and routes messages for veterinarians and staff members.

Client Relations

• Follows established hospital guidelines for communicating with clients in different types of situations, such as general inquiries, scheduling appointments, routine and non-routine medical questions, patient emergencies, and prescription refills.

• Handles basic questions regarding hospital services, fees, and animal care and treatment in accordance with hospital policies. Appropriately directs other questions and communication to a veterinarian, Practice Manager, or other staff member.

• Uses active-listening skills to obtain all necessary medical and personal information from the client.

• Discerns any potential client problems, complaints, or questions and handles them appropriately.

• Relays medical instructions; itemizes the client’s statement; reviews it orally with the client; and informs the client about hospital policies, such as pre-operative instructions, payment and credit policies, and vaccination policies.

• Communicates with clients as needed regarding invoices and the medical status of their pets.

• Makes calls to clients on a timely basis from a call-back list.

• Provides clients with any information or instructions they will need prior to their appointments.

• Contacts clients to schedule discharge appointments and re-appointments, and confirms appointments and pre-surgical instructions.

• Maintains knowledge of current wellness-care standards and common medical problems.

• Maintains current client contact information.


• Welcomes clients and patients to the practice and makes them comfortable, including greeting clients, offering coffee, and showing them to the waiting area.

• Monitors appointment schedule and communicates with clients about wait times.

• Uses the client’s and pet’s names to personalize communication.

• Distributes new-client paperwork and gifts to all new clients.

Appointment Scheduling

• Schedules outpatient, surgical, hospitalized patient, and boarding appointments using a computerized scheduling program.

• Schedules appointments in accordance with established hospital guidelines, allocating the appropriate amount of time according to the type of visit. Helps keep the practice on schedule.

• Inquires as to which veterinarian the client wishes to see when scheduling an appointment. If no preference is expressed, schedules as appropriate and gives the name of the veterinarian to the client. Schedules follow-up visits with the appropriate veterinarian.

• Schedules appointments to meet the clients’ needs and most efficiently use veterinarians’ and staff members’ time.

• Appropriately directs patients to ER department based on hospital guidelines.

Computer Use and Maintenance

• Accurately enters and retrieves records and reports, enters fees and charges, and maintains the database.

• Generates financial and other reports (e.g., call-back lists and appointment lists) using the computer system, as directed.

Marketing and Client Education

• Promotes the hospital to persons inquiring about the practice, fees, and products/services.

• Educates clients regarding preventive medicine and vaccination requirements. Informs clients of suggested procedures to maintain their pets’ good health.

• Distributes handouts, new client kits, hospital brochures, and “giveaways,” such as hospital leashes, pet carriers and magnets to clients.

• Promote the practice’s products and services to clients, making suggestions when appropriate.

• Mails sympathy cards to clients.

Procedures and Protocols

• Adheres to all hospital policies, standards, and procedures, including but not limited to uniforms, grooming, smoking, and personal calls, as stated in the hospital procedures manual.

• Communicates basic patient preventative care protocols to clients.

• Maintains knowledge of the practice’s products and services.

• Improves upon veterinary knowledge and skills by taking advantage of in-house education materials and by participating in continuing education, staff meetings, and in-house training.

• Attends all staff and departmental meetings as requested.

Recordkeeping and Filing

• Retrieves and re-files medical records accurately and promptly.

• Purges inactive files as directed.

• Updates client files and patient records as needed.

• Scans medical documents.

• Faxes medical records to requesters, with client’s permission.

• Processes returned mail/postcards. Contacts client to verify and correct contact information.

Patient Admittance

• Retrieves client records and prepares needed forms in advance of clients’ arrival.

• Completes required forms, such as the new client form, patient information, and obtains all necessary information. Notes the source of client referrals.

• Obtains medical and vaccination histories from the client.

• Follows hospital policies regarding patient admittance (e.g., vaccination status).

• Relays all necessary information to the veterinarians and technicians.

• Triages urgent-care patients and communicates with the medical team as appropriate.

Patient Discharge

• Enters all charges into the computer and double-checks entries against the patient visit form or tracking form. Enters recall reminder codes into the computer as indicated.

• Ensures that future reminders are set up in the computer system for the patient.

• Presents clients with medications, instructions, new client kits, and any other items to take home.

• Reviews discharge instructions, medications, and services rendered, and informs client of the total amount due.

• Schedules discharge and follow-up appointments.

Cash Handling

• Accepts payments from the client. Accurately processes cash, checks, charge card payments, credit account payments, and post-dated checks. Accurately invoices coupons and gift certificates.

• Performs end-of-day procedures each evening, including balancing the cash drawer, running daily reports, preparing and making a bank deposit, and presenting reports and deposit receipts to the Practice Manager or owner.

• Establishes credit in accordance with hospital policies and Practice Manager’s authorization.

Facility Maintenance

• Assists staff with cleaning and straightening the public areas of the practice, including the front desk, reception area, client restrooms, and exam rooms.

• Restocks and arranges retail and point-of-purchase displays.

• Maintains and replenishes refreshment area.

• Opens the practice and sets up for the morning as directed.

• Closes the practice for the evening as directed.

Personal Conduct

• Serves as a representative of the hospital, displaying courtesy, tact, consideration, and a positive attitude in all interactions with clients, patients, and other staff members.

• Demonstrates initiative in everyday duties by seeking other work during down times, assisting other employees, and filling in for other employees as needed.

• Adheres to the posted work schedule. Arrives for work promptly and begins work at start time. Follows hospital policies for reporting lateness or absences.

• Utilizes the time clock to clock in and out at the beginning and end of each day and during breaks.

• Organizes work area and exercises time-management skills to maximize personal efficiency.

• Prioritizes tasks and handles multiple tasks in a calm, organized manner.

Additional Duties

• Performs other duties as directed.


• Education equivalent to the completion of the 12th grade.

• Knowledge of general office practices and procedures, Client Service Representative duties, and telephone techniques.

• Demonstrated ability to perform clerical work with speed and accuracy, use a multiple-line telephone system, and handle cash and other forms of payment.

• Experience assembling patient records, obtaining relevant information from clients, and accurately entering a variety of information in patient records.

• Ability to complete assigned tasks in the time allotted without direct supervision.

• Demonstrated ability to show empathy toward clients and treat animals with respect and compassion.

• Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

• A commitment to outstanding client service.

• Ability to lift objects weighing 40 pounds without assistance and objects weighing more than 40 pounds with assistance.

• Ability to sit, stand, kneel, bend and walk for duration of shift, sometimes exceeding 10 hours per day.

• Ability to stay on task and work energetically for entire shift, sometimes exceeding 10 hours per day.

• Preferred: Knowledge of veterinary medical terminology and procedures and general computer skills.

• Preferred: Ability to type 45 words per minute and use a 10-key adding machine.

• Preferred: At least two years’ recent experience in an office or medical environment, with increasing responsibilities.