Charge Capture Audit and Training Specialist

Operations Elgin, Texas


Position at Elgin Veterinary Hospital

We're hiring a Charge capture Audit and Training Specialist to join our team at Elgin Veterinary Hospital! 


Job Summary:
The Charge Capture Audit and Training Specialist will perform in-depth charge capture audits for individual Thrive Pet Healthcare practices.  These audits will involve estimate reviews, day of procedure audits, and historic encounter audits focusing on charge capture, and also on medical record completeness.  The Specialist will report findings to the Practice Manager/Practice Leader on a daily basis with the weekly reports to include the regional leaders. This valuable position will assist in awareness and training plans for teams or individuals to improve charge capture and medical record accuracy.  The specialist will also assist in creating and delivering content for efficient training of new staff members to ensure quick mastery of charge capture.


Leading with Your Head
Understanding business, solving problems, and making decisions through inclusive contributions of others
  • Conducts daily audits all discharged accounts in hospital and internal database by ensuring data is correct and update status is correctly entered.  Verifies that Care Credit or similar programs will cover services provided and communicates with the Billing Team if additional payment is needed.  Follows up within appropriate time frame in communicating any billing discrepancies with the treating clinician.
  • Ensure hospitals are compliant with Thrive Pet Healthcare’s estimate creation, invoicing, discounting, and medical record accuracy processes, and policies.
  • Provide continuous improvement for standard operating processes across ER and Specialty lanes that focus on accurate charge capture.
  • Evaluate and report on quality of medical record documentation and alignment with charges.
  • Track all audit over and under charges for reference, billing, and training purposes.
  • Work with Practice Manager and Practice Leadership to determine the level of audit needed for each practice discipline. Flex as needed.
Leading with Your Heart
Interpersonal aspect of leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ), effective use of influence, working together constructively and creatively
  • Work alongside the support regional team to improve the financial health of practices within the specialty.
  • Support hospital level leadership and staff in training related to all aspects of charge capture and medical record accuracy.
  • Ability to carry out communications, if deemed appropriate by practice protocol, for client’s awareness of daily financial updates. Log communications.
  • Inform the medical team when the deposit is close to the high end of clients agreed estimate and in cooperation with attending Doctor, decide whether a new estimate should be provided, and new deposit collected.
Leading With Your Hands
The art of bringing people together to leverage their skills, talents, and knowledge to achieve a common purpose with greater results
  • Work closely with PM and/or practice leadership to prioritize low revenue/low EBITDA practices and create audit tasks, cadence, and reporting parameters.
  • Develop/maintain an intense charge capture audit cadence and reporting template that focuses on daily and real-time reviews of exam, procedure, and surgical invoices.
  • Develop/maintain a standard charge capture audit cadence and reporting template that focuses on monthly reviews of surgical invoices and random exam/procedure invoices.
  • Review estimates for charge capture accuracy and ensure they reflect current continued care.
  • Support business or front office team to collect payment for deposit of treatment plans or updated treatment plans.
  • Prepares request for client account balance adjustments in accordance with client specific procedures.
  • Track estimate conversion rates for selected practices.
  • In conjunction with charge capture audits, discounts will also be reviewed (type and amount) and reported to the Practice Manager and Practice Leader leadership team.
  • In conjunction with charge capture audits, review and reporting of medical record accuracy and completeness will be documented and reported to the Practice Manager or Practice Leadership.
  • Develop and maintain Vetspire packages and macros to improve charge capture and medical record compliance.
  • Develop/maintain/perform training processes for new hires to ensure accurate charge capture and medical record compliance and provide efficiency training when requested.
  • Develop/perform training for individuals or teams that need to improve their charge capture as identified by the charge capture audits.
Key Qualifications:
  • Preferred: 3+ yrs experience in Veterinary Technical role
  • Preferred: 3+ yrs experience in billing or audit position in veterinary or medical industry preferred.
  • Must have large animal experience 
  • Excellent communications and facilitation skills to build relationships and foster trust at all organizational levels.
  • Basic computer skills including PMS software of Vetspire and Ezyvet.
  • Understanding of data analytics
  • The ability to think in complex and ever-changing situations, ability to solve problems, execute and transfer knowledge.
  • Ability to analyze various sources of data in order to establish priorities and initiate programs.
  • Holds an inquisitive mindset and is detail oriented.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Availability to occasionally work uncommon hours and overtime.