Kennel Technician

Kennel Tech Torrance, California


Position at ACCESS South Bay

ACCESS South Bay is seeking a Kennel Technician to join our team! 

Starting pay rate: $18/hr depending upon experience + shift differentials 
Schedule: Wednesday - Saturday 
We offer an incredible benefits package including health, dental, vision, 401K, paid parental leave, and amazing pet benefits!

Job Purpose:

  • Increase efficiency of the doctor staff by providing care and support to patients, clients, and hospital staff
  • Provide excellent medical support and compassionate care for patients and clients
  • Act as a point of communication between clients and internal hospital staff regarding the status of patients in hospital

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Basic telephone procedures including proper answering of the phone and greeting, taking messages and notating them correctly 
  • Understand how to properly clean all sides of a cage and run.
  • Understand the use of Rescue Disinfectant including the different concentrations that are used and understand when it is appropriate to use each concentration.
  • Knowledge of isolation procedures and protocol and cleaning of isolation rooms and contaminated treatment area or exam room.
  • Perform laundry including isolation laundry with the correct protocol.
  • Remove trash from rooms, treatment areas, offices and dispose of correctly.
  • Clean and stock the food prep/kitchen area.
  • Set up cages and runs for patients with appropriate bedding, litter trays, food and water with an understanding of how to check if a patient is NPO or if they have special requirements.
  • Safely hold and restrain patients for examination and treatments. Safely walk a dog with leash, harness and sling.
  • Check patients bedding for urination and defecation and change bedding when appropriate 
  • Become familiar with basic CPR roles to allow assistance if needed with recording.
  • Look up patients and to properly notate patient urination, defecation, walks.
  • Assist with patient after care arrangements preparing for communal or private aquamation.
  • Assist with stocking of the departments with supplies from the stockroom.
  • Responsible for upholding the spirit of ACCESS by handling all necessary tasks that require attention

Apply today!  We look forward to hearing from you!