Veterinary Criticalist - ACCESS San Fernando Valley

Veterinarian - Specialist Woodland Hills, California


Position at ACCESS San Fernando Valley

Thrive Pet Healthcare is looking to add a Veterinary Criticalist to the ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital San Fernando Valley's team!   

Join our community of veterinary care providers for the support, tools, and resources to elevate your practice and provide top-notch patient care. We believe in your abilities and are committed to helping you succeed. 

Learn more about ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital San Fernando Valley.

  • Our Values + Our People:

    • We prioritize collaboration over ego, fostering a friendly and innovative environment.
    • We encourage growth, advanced training, and staying updated with the latest treatment options.
  • Our Practice - ACCESS:

    • We're a network of multi-specialty practices spread across SoCal, delivering 24/7 ER and specialty care to local communities.
    • Our busy departments handle a diverse caseload with numerous referrals and emergencies.
    • Specialties range from critical care, cardiology, oncology, internal medicine to neurology, orthopedic surgery, and avian + exotic medicine.
    • A highly skilled support staff is dedicated to the success of our services.
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment:

    • We remain at the forefront of new innovations with a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tools.
    • Our arsenal includes comprehensive laboratory capabilities and monitoring devices.
    • Advanced imaging tools comprise digital radiography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, CT, and MRI.
    • We boast critical care ventilators and complete endoscopic and laparoscopic instrumentation.
    • Our readiness to explore new therapies drives us to continually expand our horizons.

Located in the vibrant enclave of the San Fernando Valley, nestled within the heart of Los Angeles, California. With its diverse neighborhoods, cultural richness, and laid-back vibe, the Valley offers a unique blend of suburban comfort and urban energy. Enjoy an array of dining options, from cozy cafes to international cuisine, and explore local boutiques and vintage shops. The Valley's undeniable charm extends to its beautiful parks, hiking trails, and recreational spaces, providing ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Our network of 400 clinics across the country creates an exceptional community of veterinary professionals and resources. Thrive Pet Healthcare derives its power from individuality and interconnectivity. We are proud of our Specialty Directors Board, designed to connect specialists like you across the country for networking, community and mentorship as needed. The Board is just one element of our unique Medical Excellence and education platform, including a Clinical Research Committee, a Doctor Mentorship Committee, and more. It is aimed at providing you with the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources to enhance your professional journey.   

Provide your best care as a Thrive Pet Healthcare veterinarian.   

Our veterinarians form a vast peer network of multi-disciplinary experts here to bolster your professional and personal well-being by offering support.  You’ll have access to meaningful resources and benefits when you need to rebalance because they’re built around nurturing your mental health. This means taking the time you need with options for flexible scheduling, like three to five-day work weeks to fit every phase of your career and life.   

Benefits – our care in action 

We invest heavily in our teams' growth and development.  We nurture an emotionally intelligent workplace and strive to maintain a positive work/life balance. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that meets your specific needs and enhances your quality of life and work.  

Some of our benefits include: 

  • A progressive compensation model that includes competitive base salaries with additional production opportunities. And, no negative accrual. 
  • A Personal + Professional Package of Paid Time Off
    • Paid Vacation time, Parental leave, PURR-rental leave, and bereavement – to grieve both humans and pets. 
  • Separate paid time to pursue Continuing Education
  • Generous Support for Board Study Paid Time
  • Mental health and well-being, as we understand the unique challenges that come with veterinary care and offer resources to alleviate them.
  • Educational support because knowledge is power and fundamental in your growth and development. 
  • Impressive Pet Perks – free exams and discounts on products and services at all Thrive locations. 

To explore opportunities with us, please review the following job requirements and reach out to us!   

Experience & Skills Requirements 

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM/VMD) or equivalent degree required 
  • State Veterinary Board License and must be in good standing for the state in which they intend to be hired, before their start date. 
  • Active DEA license or DEA licensure eligible. 
  • Board Certified Veterinary Criticalist or Residency Trained Veterinarian.    

To learn more about this amazing opportunity, please apply through the link on this page or submit your CV confidentially to Renee LaFayette at [email protected]. You can also view additional positions at   

Compensation is negotiable based on credentials and experience with an annual base salary range starting at $150,000 - $300,000 / year. The actual salary offered will carefully consider a wide range of factors, including your skills, qualifications, experience, and location.

At Thrive Pet Healthcare, we celebrate and embrace the uniqueness and diversity of all our team members, pet parents, and pets. We strive to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture where all team members belong and feel empowered.