Instrument Sterilization Technician

Veterinary Assistant Pasadena, California


Position at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital Pasadena

ACCESS Pasadena is looking for an Instrument Sterilization Technician to join our team!

Why work at ACCESS Pasadena? Our starting pay ranges from $19-$21/hour, dependent upon experience and skills assessment. Industry leading benefits. We care about you and your family with benefits such as 100% paid parental leave (and purr-rental leave), paid bereavement, financial planning assistance, educational opportunities and more!


 Duties and responsibilities: 

  • Receive and intake all new inventory items, communicate with staff where it's located
  • In charge of weekly inventory audits, communicate and collaborate closely with the inventory manager and doctors about orders for the department
  • Organize the scrub room on a daily basis
  • Prepare/Clean OR prior to surgery and post
  • Clean the instruments, place in ultrasonic, place in milk, lay out to dry
  • Know how to change and maintenance the ultrasonic and milk
  • Properly pack instruments using the correct indicators and containers or pouches
  • Maintain and care for surgical instruments and be aware of inventory
  • Be able to properly use the Autoclave and know how to maintenance it
  • Gain the EO2 Gas sterilizer certificate and be able to properly run gas loads
  • Help stock the treatment area and maintain the laundry
  • Make sure the OR is completely stocked and the most commonly used packs are filled with back stock
  • Help maintain the anesthetic machines; change carbolime, refill gas anesthetic in prep and OR’s
  • Help assist technicians with restraint and minor treatments
  • Open to working overtime
  • Responsible for upholding the spirit of ACCESS by handling all necessary tasks that require attention


  • Passionate in maintaining sterility in your work environment.
  • Very organized and able to maintain an inventory.
  • Have schedule flexibility
  • Have the ability to stand for long periods of time

We look forward to hearing from you, apply today!