Veterinary Clinical Educator

LVT/RVT Rochester, New York


Position at Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services

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Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services are hiring a Veterinary Technician Educator!!

  1. Working LVT role
    1. Maintains regular and reliable attendance.
    2. Estimated 50 % of time training medical support team including ACA and LVTs and cross-training CSRs.
    3. Maintain Level III status within the VSES Career Ladder
  2. Participates with the team to provide quality patient care  and supports training and educating the medical team job functions to meet the goals of VSES by:
    1. Ensuring  adherence to policies set forth by MVA
    2. Expressing appreciation for the work of team members
    3. Maintain an active presence in the Standards of Care Committee
    4. Motivate team members to increase their knowledge base & adhere to established standards
    5. Acting as a role model


  1. Demonstrates proper technique and in-house Standards of Care to team members to ensure compliance with procedures and safety regulations
  2. Maintaining a good work ethic and work attitude in order to set a good example for staff members.
  • Works in conjunction with Training Administrator and Clinical Manager to execute LVT training program
    1. Considered subject matter expert for the LVT training program
      1. Creates content for LVT training for both new hires and current team
      2. Responsible for maintaining up to date and current training material
  • Responsible for evaluating the development of trainees
  1. Delivery of training material to LVTs
    1. Assists in providing training for new hires
    2. Provides team with rotation of review of current SOP and new policy/procedure training during team meetings/ on the floor huddles.
  • Proficiency in using PowerPoint, developing SOPs, and training/ mentorship techniques.
  1. Responsible for LVT on-the-floor training program
    1. Provides hands-on training
    2. Assigns LVT mentor to all new hire LVTs
  • Train mentors on on-the-floor training materials/procedures to ensure consistency in training program
  1. Oversight of VSES LVT CE program
  2. Participate in Holiday training for visiting MVA staff as needed
    1. Classroom training sessions for multiple Tier Levels
    2. Coordinate on-the-floor training
  3. LVT student externships
    1. Track students/schools
    2. Schedule dates, times, and staff for extern
    3. Ensure evaluations are completed and sent to the student's course instructor
  4. Display professional behavior in:
    1. Interactions with entire hospital staff
    2. Interactions with all visiting trainees
    3. Pursuit of continuing education
    4. Acceptance and utilization of performance feedback
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