Lead Veterinary Technician (ER)

Veterinary Technician La Mesa, California


Position at Pet Emergency & Specialty Center - East County

Pet Emergency & Specialty Center East County is now hiring a Lead Emergency Veterinary Technician to join their AMAZING team!

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Perform the ER Core Technician responsibilities (Refer to ER Core Technician Job Description)
  • Monitor critically ill patients requiring intensive management and recognizing significant changes in the patient’s condition and notifying the Doctor.
  • Perform all in house laboratory tests including advanced tests (such as crossmatching, platelet and WBC handcounts, COP, BMBT).
  • Perform Urinalysis and Fecal laboratory test
  • Identify abnormal heart and lung sounds using a stethoscope. 
  • Place jugular and peripheral central lines. 
  • Perform CVP readings.
  • Place nasoesophageal and nasogastric tubes.
  • Monitor critically ill patients under anesthesia.
  • Be able to place a patient on the surgical ventilator.
  • Pass a stomach tube under Doctor guidance.
  • Be able to interpret an ECG and notify the Doctor of any significant arrhythmia.
  • Be able to recognize cardiac arrhythmias and normal ranges for blood pressure and etco2.
  • Perform cystocentesis.
  • Place nasal oxygen catheters.
  • Place male urinary catheters using sterile technique.
  • Resuscitate a newborn puppy or kitten after c-section.
  • Recognize signs of shock.
  • Appropriately collect samples for blood cultures. 
  • Be able to perform endotracheal feline intubation. 
  • Be able to recognize signs of respiratory failure. 
  • Perform nursing care on a tracheostomy tube patient.
  • Be able to set up and start CPR when a Doctor is not available.
  • Be able to set up various CRI’s including Insulin, Dopamine, Fentanyl, and Lidocaine.
  • Be knowledgeable of the effects of all anesthetic agents used at the PESC.
  • Set up and clean the video endoscope.
  • Monitor a patient on the ICU ventilator.
  • Maintain lab flow sheets for hospitalized patients.
  • Record accurate and up to date information in surgery and radiology logs.
  • Add all treatments to the treatment sheets.
  • Package and appropriately label samples to be sent out to the laboratory. Notify Lead Technician.
  • Take advanced radiographs such as skull, spine, shoulder, etc.
  • Assist the Doctor with any ongoing dynamics of a specific case.
  • Obtain and be able to perform basic interpretation on arterial blood gas samples.
  • Assist in training other staff members under the direction of Service Managers. 

Back up Responsibilities (If a CSR is not available)

  • Enter client information into the computer.
  • Be able to compassionately present a “critical care estimate” and collect fees.
  • Be able to accurately create complex estimates from a travel sheet.
  • Efficiently and compassionately complete euthanasia paperwork and client check out.
  • Be able to present complex treatment plans according to PESC protocol, ensure that the client understood the detail of the estimate.
  • Be able to perform a complex discharge efficiently, including discussion of discharge instructions, collection of fees and ensuring clients receive all appropriate items.
  • Collect appropriate fees, verify payment on each transaction, and process paperwork accurately.   Crosstrain to a CSR.

We invest heavily in our employees with many opportunities for growth and development! We offer outstanding benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance, life insurance, paid time off, continuing education, generous pet discounts and much more!

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