Pharmacy/Lab Coordinator

Veterinary Assistant Pasadena, California


Position at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital Pasadena

ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital Pasadena is seeking a Pharmacy/Lab Coordinator to join our team!

Pay range: $18 - $20/hr depending upon experience

Job Purpose:
Perform consistently and with accuracy all in-house labwork for patients
Prepare all new prescription medications for in-house patients, out-patients, and refill all medications for patients upon request, including calling in prescriptions to outside pharmacies
Be primarily responsible for all shipping of lab samples and medications to outside laboratories and clients
Maintain and care for all in-hospital laboratory equipment, including running controls
Be primarily responsible for distribution and follow up of all incoming labwork faxes from outside laboratories
Stock and maintain adequate inventory for all lab supplies and products, as well as prescription medication to be dispensed to client

Duties and Responsibilities:
•Once provided the requisition sheet or order and blood / tissue / fluid sample, run requested in-house lab work accurately and efficiently
•Prepare medications and prescriptions for dispensing as directed by the doctor. Ensure that each prescription label contains the following information: doctor’s name; practice’s name, address, and phone number including area code; date; patient’s and client’s name; medication name, strength and volume (or number);administration instructions including route of administration, such as by mouth or in the ear; and product’s expiration date
•When provided order from doctor, call outside pharmacies for filling of prescriptions for patients
•Daily, upon receipt of sample and lab order form, package and ship to appropriate outside laboratory. Responsible for verifying the shipment location, packaging requirements, and delivery specifications for each sample, and arranging for pickup from courier
•Run controls and maintenance on each piece of in-house lab equipment, including updates on equipment as indicated. Inform supervisor of any abnormalities with running or servicing of equipment
•Maintain an internal spreadsheet of all labwork that is sent to outside labs, with expectation of receipt. Verify receipt and ensure proper notification to primary clinician
•Work with Inventory Manager to set up and maintain appropriate order points for all items used in the Pharmacy and Lab areas. Keep areas well stocked and be proactive in requesting inventory purchases based on usage

Qualifications: Must be detail-oriented, efficient, and able to multi-task

We care about you and your family with benefits such as 100% paid parental leave (and purr-rental leave), mental health support, paid bereavement, financial planning assistance and educational opportunities..