Veterinary Assistant **$2000 Sign On Bonus**

Veterinary Assistant Norwalk, California


Position at Crossroads Animal Emergency – Norwalk

Crossroads Animal Emergency is hiring a Veterinary Assistant to join our amazing team!

**$2000 Sign On Bonus**

Veterinary Assistant Job Responsibilities:

1. Excels at backing up the Doctor’s recommendations by:

  • a. reassuring pet owners that they are making the right decision through empathy, caring and compassion.
  • b. reviewing the Treatment Plan with pet owners, explaining what the Doctor recommends and why
  • c. explaining what the next steps are for the pet owner
  • d. ensuring that all pet owners fully understand the Doctor’s recommendations and treatment plan.

2. Follows the estimate process to ensure high client compliance.

3. Ensures pet owner and patient flow moves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Meets with Practice Administrator weekly to discuss patient flow. Pays particular attention to timely completion in the following areas:

  • a. pet check-in
  • b. pet triage, when appropriate
  • c. informing Doctor what needs to be done and in what order all diagnostics and treatments performed
  • d. all medications filled and ready
  • e. invoice current and without error
  • f. pet check-out, including pet being brought up to pet owner immediately after check-out

4. Works closely with Nursing Department, providing written instructions and ensuring all instructions are implemented within an optimum period of time

5. Serves as interface between Doctor, staff and pet owners to eliminate unnecessary interruptions so Doctor can stay focused on task at hand.

6.     Accepts responsibility for training, motivation, and follow-through by Front Office staff in all areas related to the front desk. 

7.     Ensures all communications that Doctor and DA have with pet owner is documented in the medical record on the Communications sheet.   

8.     Takes extra care to be 100% accurate on all invoicing.  

9.  Communicates, clarifies expectations, and shares responsibility with Shift Coordinator to ensure premium patient care and customer service.

Veterinary Assistant Suggested actions:

1.     Communicate directly with Doctor to ensure you understand all recommendations and treatment plan for pet prior to talking to pet owner 

2.     Build value for the pet health care plan by becoming proficient at following the steps in the overview section of the Estimate Process. Remember to provide exemplary customer service by providing the pet health care plan in a gentle and kind-hearted way. 

3.     Provide exceptional customer service by ensuring all pets and pet owners are served in a timely manner throughout all phases of care. Pay special attention to the following: 

  • a.     Know who is in the reception room, exam room, or other hospital area and what they are waiting for.   
  • b.     Expedite treatment flow by communicating what needs to be done and level of priority with Nursing Department staff, Front Office staff, Shift Coordinator, and Doctor. 
  • c.     That all treatments approved by pet owner have been performed.   
  • d.     That pet owners are updated and aware of pet’s status. 
  • e.     That status and financial updates are given to owners of hospitalized patients. 

4.     Ensure you understand the estimate process by reading thoroughly, role-playing, and continued training as needed. Meet with the Practice Administrator with any questions or for additional training.   

5.     Take extra care to be sure Nursing Department and Front Office staff understand all directions given. After giving instructions to staff or pet owners, always ask if they have any questions.   

6.     After giving written instructions to Veterinary Assistants, make sure they understand all of the treatment plan and when to notify you or the Doctor regarding pertinent information.   

7.     Understand the importance of thorough documentation in the medical record. Take the time to double-check that all conversations with pet owner have been documented in the communication notes.

8.     Meet with Practice Administrator weekly regarding any questions or concerns regarding Front Office staff.   

9.     Meet with the Shift Coordinator at the beginning each shift to plan, anticipate, and organize shift duties and flow in order to provide premium patient care and customer service. 

10.  Coordinate rounds with appropriate staff at the beginning and end of each shift, including patient status, financial updates, and any other pertinent information.   

11.  Meet with Practice Administrator weekly to audit a sampling of invoices.   

We invest heavily in our employees with many opportunities for growth and development! We offer outstanding benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance, life insurance, paid time off, continuing education, generous pet discounts and much more!

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