Patient Care Coordinator - Emergency Department

Veterinary Assistant Rochester, New York


Position at Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services




TITLE:                      Emergency Patient Care Coordinator

HOSPITAL:              VSES

REPORTS TO:         Emergency Manager


Main Functions:


  1. To uphold the MVA values of Trust, Compassion, Quality, Education, Honesty and Teamwork.
  2. To participate with the team, providing input and taking responsibility for showing the initiative to enhance hospital team function by:
    1. Providing high quality, compassionate care to all patients and clients.
  • Coordinator Responsibilities
    1. Compassionate patient care and husbandry
    2. Including: cleaning, walking, bathing, feeding, watering, and monitoring the well being of all animals within the facility.
    3. Assisting the LVT/DVM with any treatments or procedures by restraining

     patient as directed.

iii.   Assisting with cleaning/sanitation of cages, runs and work space, including

      dishes, laundry, garbage.

  1. Client communications
    1. Providing clients with informative and knowledgeable information regarding their pets’ medical care.
    2. Providing patient updates to clients
  • Answering medical questions as needed under the direction of the Veterinarian
  1. Bringing patients to a room for visit
  2. Calling for patient updates as requested by DVM
  1. rDVM communication
    1. Giving updates to rDVM regarding in hospital patients
  2. Patient discharges to include:
    1. Reviewing discharge instructions for hospitalized patients with DVMs
    2. Reviewing discharge instructions with clients
    3. Reviewing medications and side effects with clients
    4. Ensure client’s questions and concerns are appropriately addressed.
    5. Faxing discharge instructions and labwork to rDVMS
    6. Patient is released to client and any other discharge direction given at this time.


  1.  Perscriptions filled via an appropriate pharmacy


  1. Providing informative and knowledgeable information to clients in:
  1. Standards of Veterinary care
  • Available services
    1. Distributing handouts
  1. Precisely dispensing non-controlled pharmaceuticals
    1. Refill medications
  2. Communicating culture or lab results to clients per DVM request
  1. Finances
    1. Discussing payment options with clients
      1. Payment Banc
        1. Discussion of, completion of Payment Banc process
      2. Care Credit
        1. Discussion of, completion of process
      3. Creating estimates/reviewing estimates with doctors and clients
        1. Complete deposits for estimates
  • Complete charges for in hospital patients in Infinity
    1. Reviewing in hospital charges
      1. Ability to thoroughly explain in hospital charges to clients. Why they are charged and how charging is determined
    2. Completing charges for Radiology services
  1. Assisting with out-patient charges
    1. Complete charges for procedures/out patient
  2. Animal Control
    1. Following animal control protocol
      1. Inputting charges for animal control patients
      2. Contacting animal control to arrange transport
    2. Infinity
      1. Updating control center
        1. Updating doctor information on case
      2. Inputting lab work and cultures into Infinity
  • Faxing and filing lab work and cultures
  1. Importing lab work results from Cornell into Infinity
  1. Interacting in a courteous and professional manner with all clients and team members
  2. Assisting with CSR duties as needed
  3. Other duties as assigned



Education:                 GED or equivalent

Experience:                Six months experience in a customer service related field required.  Animal handling experience required.


Requirements:           Very strenuous, heavy lifting (35lbs.), handling large animals, on feet throughout entire day, pushing, pulling, bending, and stooping.

Hazards:                     Animal bites and animal scratches.  Exposure to animal bodily fluids.  Exposure to sterilization chemicals, insecticides and pharmaceutical waste.