Laboratory Assistant

Other Snohomish, Washington


Position at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital

Primary Duties:

Sample arrival at the lab which includes

  1. Checking requisition to make sure tubes are correct, and the test order is correct. Checking EZVET for information if not correct.
  2. Making sure that tech name/initials are on the form
  3. Tubes/specimens are correct for the tests requested.

Enter the sample into Polytech

  1. The entry should have transferred from EZvet, so make sure the information is correct.
  2. Add the tests which are needed for polytech. i.e. ADIFF, MDIFF
  3. Print the labels.

Attach the labels to all specimens

  1. Put LTT into a rack for the techs (at the accession bench)
  2. Put SST tubes or GTT into the appropriate centrifuges
  3. Have transfer tubes available and pour off centrifuged samples. Place in rack for techs.
  4. Place urines and fecal specimens in fridge or give to techs.

House keeping

  1. Clean benches with bleach, make sure accession area is free of clutter when leaving
  2. Fill accession containers with transfer tubes etc.
  3. Clean centrifuges in accession area.
  4. File all accession sheets with attached reports in numerical order and file in the lab file cabinet when complete
  5. File all QC reports in file cabinet after month end– keep binders up to date, file calibration reports, leaving 2 calibrations for each analyte within the binder.
  6. Organize samples in fridge, discarding Hold samples after 2 weeks.

Further training will include:

Send out tests

  1. Checking that send outs are correctly ordered and going to the correct reference lab and paperwork is complete.
  2. Checking prices for sendout
  3. Make sure correct samples submitted
  4. Package sendouts and take to pharmacy counter for sendout or notify Fed Ex re pickup.
  5. Take samples to Antech box
  6. Check for results and enter these into polytech.
  7. Data entry of the manual test results.
  8. Collate and file the polytech reports (in binders by dates) checking at the same time for discrepancies, missing final reports.

Urinalysis and Fecal preparation

  1. Prepare urine specimen for techs (spin down urine)
  2. Do dip stick and record appropriate results onto back of accession sheet.
  3. Leave spun sample after pour off of supernatant for techs to read sediment
  4. Prepare fecal sample with sugar solution, centrifuge and leave for techs.