Conversion Engineer

Professional Services Troy, Michigan United States


In turbulent times, people look for stability. Tyler Technologies is a debt-free company with a history of sustained growth. During the 2008 recession, we hired and invested in both our people and products setting the stage for dramatic growth over the next decade. We are hiring during the pandemic to continue to fuel our steady growth and set the stage for our future. We are the nation’s largest dedicated provider of public sector software and we recently were welcomed into the S&P 500 index (NYSE: TYL)

So what do our Conversion Engineers do? The SQL Conversion Engineer converts client data into Tyler’s Public Safety software in a way that meets our clients’ business needs.

How? We write SQL code. Yes, raw T-SQL code. In scripts, we write SQL in a Microsoft SQL Server environment. We are not a drag and drop shop using SSIS. We are a team of people who love to problem solve with SQL scripts. That’s certainly not the only thing we do, but it is a fundamental part of it.

We have a set of processes we follow to sequence and run the SQL we write. We are always looking to innovate and make our tools and processes more efficient. That’s just how we do things here.

This role involves data analysis – where does this unusual data go into our database structure? – and problem-solving – this client stores their public safety data in multiple locations and formats, how do we pull it all together to make it as valuable as possible through our software?

We are looking for highly experienced SQL developers who really love to code in T-SQL to join a very collaborative team. You’ll have some very experienced folks around you and some newer folks, all of whom are learning together. No one knows everything, so we lean on each other.

We are part of something bigger than ourselves at Tyler. We are making government more effective and efficient in how they run their local public safety systems. What we do saves taxpayers money and provides more access to justice for everyone.

We work with our integrated solutions that help law enforcement and public safety organizations of all sizes better protect and serve the public. By helping provide solutions that improve efficiency and response time, you can help serve our citizens and make communities safer.‚Äč


  • Write conversion T-SQL code to migrate data from customer legacy 3rd party environments to New World Public Safety environments.
  • Data analysis on each project, so you will need to be good at piecing together data puzzles, asking discerning questions, and working with colleagues and clients to get answers
  • Learn data conversion process and suggest and implement improvements. We are always looking for fresh ideas and more efficient ways of delivering to our customers
  • Database backups, restores, creating indexes. You will be expected to do these things and understand when, why, and how to do them.
  • Work in SQL Server environments. We work with multiple versions of SQL Server depending upon the project. We usually cover the current release of SQL Server and two earlier releases.
  • Collaborate with other team members regarding challenging problems where analysis, interpretation and creative problem solving are required to determine best course of action


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems (MIS), or related field or relevant work experience
  • Highly experienced in TSQL coding
  • Experience in conversion or ETL processes
  • You should value deadlines and regularly complete work on time
  • You should be a strong problem solver
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including verbal and written communication, teamwork, and customer service skills.
  • Technical knowledge requirements:
  • Proficiently use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Write and maintain stored procedures and functions using T-SQL and SSMS
  • Use aggregate functions in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Create and maintain complex queries in Microsoft SQL Server using T-SQL
  • Understand and use database schemas, tables, relationships, and constraints
  • Develop, maintain, and troubleshoot conversion scripts
  • Application and Web development using C#, Typescript, .Net, Angular is a plus but not required
  • Knowledge of AWS environments, services and processes is a plus