Assembly Technician

Technical Services Nashville, Tennessee


An ideal Assembly Technician would have good hand and eye coordination with demonstrated excellent manual dexterity for precision alignment. This is essential, as they will need to handle small parts or chips and also require strength to lift heavy things. A good physique and patience is equally important as they will need to work for hours together doing the same monotonous work. An ability to track fine details visually and discover defects in the inspected parts is another important quality that would be helpful. Ability to read and comprehend schematic drawings and blueprints and ability to learn and master new assembly skills along with strong communication skills is important.


  • To understand the schematic diagrams, blueprints, product manuals, process documents, and gather information regarding its parts, fixtures, tools, etc.

  • To set up, arrange, and operate equipment as per the specifications and instructions from the supervisor

  • To assemble parts or components to build a whole new product

  • To contribute in fitting, building, or reconstruction of various parts to ensure smooth process of component amalgamation

  • To perform regular test and inspection procedures to ensure that the product is formed in accordance with the specifications

  • To download/upload drivers and software

  • To understand computer’s operating system

  • In addition to these responsibilities, they are also responsible for the following duties:

    • To maintain a safe, clean, and healthy environment and ensure the compliance with the company's rules and policies

    • To maintain and update the results related to various tests and inspection procedures conducted regarding the product specification

    • To make sure that all the parts, labor, and other processes are progressing at the given time

    • To monitor, maintain, and repair the equipment as per the requirements.


  • A high school diploma or a general educational diploma is sufficient for an entry level position.