Senior Back-end Engineer

IT And Software Development National Capital Region


Team Member Requirements
Skills, Qualifications, Experience, Attributes
• Minimum of 5 years of experience developing in high-speed, low-latency
• Previous backend coding experience, particularly GoLang (Java, C++ optional)
• Docker and related container-orchestration technologies (e.g. Kubernetes)
• Experience in infrastructure as code (Terraform or CloudFormation)
• Strong in fundamental programming techniques and concepts (OOP Patterns,
TDD, functional programming concepts, algorithms and data structures,
distributed computing)
• Experience in developing and managing systems using cloud computing products
• Good documentation habits and best practices
• Focus on writing readable, efficient, and performant code
• Understanding of microservices architecture
• Experience building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines
• Experience in building and designing test automation
o Integration tests
o E2E tests
o Performance testing
o unit test (TDD)
• The ability to communicate well with both technical and non-technical
• Ability to live the Pepperstone values
• Committed to ongoing learning and development
• Experience building RESTful APIs
• Experience with multiple database systems: relational (MySql/Postgres) and
nosql (DynamoDB, MongoDB)
• Experience in agile development processes
• Experience in building complex applications that are easy to maintain, high in
availability, high in scalability, cost effective to deploy
• Experience within the trading/CFD space