Warranty Customer Service

Customer Service And Sales National Capital Region


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. 

  • Report to Warranty manager
  • Handle online and telephone based warranty related customer enquiries
  • Liaise with internal departments to rectify warranty issues
  • Process warrant claims within agreed KPIs
  • Allocate service and contract work for warranty rectification
  • Maintain warranty reguster and database and update accordingly
  • Process electrical contractor invoices related to each claims
  • Manage and monitor outstanding warranty claims
  • Create invoices in Inventory system for delivery to clients and warranty contractors to provide replacement parts and products
  • Provide feedback to Engineering and Warranty Manager on common warranty issues to improve product quality
  • Monitor and report on Warranty workload and output on a monthly basis
  • Provide information to customers about warranty status and lead times.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by management.
  • Role may also require assistance in the customer service team due to demand changes in both departments when and if required
  • To participate in warranty meetings where required to evaluate improvement and efficiencies


You must at all times during your employment: 

  • Work such hours as are reasonably necessary to perform yoru duties;
  • perform your duties with the degree of competence and efficiency appropriate to your position;
  • use all reasonable efforts to promote the interests of the Company and the Group;
  • comply with all lawful directions given by the Company or any person duly authorized by the Company
  • comply with all policies and procedures of the Company and the Group in place from time to time;
  • if required by the Company, perform services for any related entity, joint venture or business partner of the Company;
  • disclose the Company all companies of which you are a director; and
  • keep the Company fully informed of all matters material to your duties and the business and interests of the Company and the Group.
  • Maintain records of all communications including emails and other correspondence sent and received.