IT Support Analyst

IT And Software Development National Capital Region


Quickbase specific Technical Skills:   
  • Quickbase Platform Proficiency: A deep understanding of the Quickbase platform, including its features, functionalities, and capabilities, is essential. This includes proficiency in creating and managing tables, forms, reports, dashboards, and workflows within Quickbase.
    • Ability to plan and structure relationship between tables and applications to manage flow of data. 
    • Ability to build applications with structured, related tables, fields, pages, and workflow.
    • Ability to design and implement workflow automations using Quickbase's built-in features such as Actions, Triggers, and Pipelines.
    • Ability to create and customize Dynamic Forms and good understanding of field types.
    • Dashboards and basic understanding of BI dashboard reporting
    • Basic scripting and formula languages within Quickbase for customizing applications and implementing logic.
    • Use of Quickbase Formulas, rich text fields and Formula URL fields to achieve custom requirements.
    • Role Administration including setting and managing permissions.
    • Notifications, subscriptions, and reminders
    • Juiced and Mailparser Plug-ins for document creation and distribution.
    • Quickbase Add-ons (multi-file upload)
Technical Skills:  
  • Knowledge of database design principles is crucial for structuring data effectively within Quickbase.
  • Designing relational databases, defining table relationships, and optimizing data organization for efficient retrieval and storage.
  • Basic understanding of Code Pages, HTML and Jinja
  • Quickbase certified Builder
  • Understanding of Sharepoint and Outlook setup (for automation)
Personal Skills: 
  • Strong problem-solving abilities are essential for understanding business requirements, identifying pain points, and devising effective solutions using Quickbase. Analytical skills are also important for interpreting data and deriving insights from Quickbase reports and analytics.
  • Effective communication skills are crucial for collaborating with stakeholders, gathering requirements, and translating business needs into technical solutions. This includes the ability to convey complex technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner to non-technical audiences.
  • Paying attention to detail is vital for ensuring accuracy and consistency in data modelling, application design, and configuration within Quickbase. Mistakes in data structure or workflow logic can have significant downstream effects on application functionality.
  • Technology landscape is constantly evolving, so a willingness to learn new features, best practices, and updates within the Quickbase platform is important. Being adaptable to changing requirements and business needs is also key to success in building applications on Quickbase.