Intelligent Automation Developer

IT And Software Development National Capital Region


Workflow Design: Experience in designing efficient workflows and process automation logic. Handling exceptions and calling out recovery mechanisms.   
API’s: Skills in working with data, including data extraction, transformation, and integration. knowledge in consuming Salesforce API and customise them for bot’s use is must.   
Problem-Solving: A problem-solving mindset to troubleshoot issues and optimize automation processes.   
Debugging and Testing:Proficiency in debugging and testing RPA bots to ensure accuracy and reliability. Writing test cases to verify individual scenarios.   
Process Documentation: Capability to document processes, requirements, and specifications. Expertise in preparing SDD, TDD, and operational handbooks.   
Interpersonal Skills:Good communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with team members and stakeholders.   
Process Automation Best Practices: Understanding of RPA best practices and adherence to coding standards. Use of version control, CI/CD Pipelines