Operations Management Grand Island, Nebraska


Position at JBS USA

Fabrication Assistant Operations Manager

• Oversees efficiency of monitoring production, scanning make sheet, and discussing daily goals with Supervisors.

• Reports to Fabrication Office for order sheet (make sheet), attends supervisor meetings, and reports work schedule to supervisors daily.

• Directs supervisors with respect to production volume, quality, cost and meeting production schedules and delivery dates.

• Handles any employee grievance, dispute or problem in most efficient manner possible. Any unsolved matter taken up with Human Resources.

• Actively participates in group meetings, line meetings, and supervisory meetings.

• Work with the Quality control department to ensure product quality & food safety.

• Trains and develops supervisors to provide management depth and develop teamwork to attain department objectives.

• Monitors and confirms the machinery, equipment and facilities are properly maintains and sanitized.

• Maintains good employee relations and adherence to labor contract provisions.

• Contact with line personnel, in addition to plant management. Required skills:

• Team oriented • Communication skills • People skills • Bilingual preferred, but not mandatory.

• Knowledge of beef cuts and production process.

• Must be able to read, write, and speak English.


Working Conditions:

• Working in cold temperature • Frequent exposure to knives, hot water and production machinery.

• Physical demands of this position may include a great deal of walking and stair climbing. • Environment consists of slick floors and loud noise.


• High School Diploma or GED with college training preferred.

• Extensive knowledge of meat products.

• Minimum of 5 years supervisory experience in processing plant industry.