Operations Management Hyrum, Utah


Position at JBS USA

Program mission: This 4 to 6-month Supervisor-training program will provide you with rotational work experience in a challenging and collaborative environment. During the training program, trainees will have the opportunity to experience various disciplines and areas of interest, while also exploring the foundations of the business at the plant level. The program focuses on giving participants the skills they need to read complex situations, set innovative strategies, and execute those strategies with integrity and effectiveness.
Key Facts: 
  • Trainees will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects designed to provide a meaningful return on investment to JBS
  • Trainees will receive key learning objectives to complete during each rotation
  • The last couple of months of the program will provide hands-on supervisor training with the intention of preparing trainee for final placement in a supervisor role
  • There will be several leadership and process training sessions throughout the program to develop your leadership skills as well as your people and process management skills to include two week long trips to the Corporate HQ in Greeley, CO
This Program is an excellent opportunity to give professionals the tools to be successful operation supervisors.   
Minimum Qualifications 
  • Must meet acceptable attendance and behavioral guidelines, show a passion for JBS and exhibit leadership potential.
Also helpful…These are not requirements but it will not hurt if:
  • You understand and exemplify the JBS Core Values
  • You are able to communicate with a variety of people
  • You enjoy solving problems and are up for a challenge
  • You have experience demonstrating your leadership skills
  • You have a sense of adventure (the ability to relocate) 
In return, we’ll give you… 
  •  Plenty of opportunities to build a career you enjoy
  • The opportunity to make a difference in a multi-billion-dollar company
  • The skills needed to lead a team with integrity and effectiveness
 Working as a supervisor will not be easy, but it could be the most fulfilling job you have ever had