Operations Management Support Souderton, Pennsylvania


Position at JBS USA


Souderton, Pennsylvania


Operations Lead Position at JBS USA Food Company


 Under the direction of Supervisor and Superintendent, operates and oversees the operations during the day shift at the plant, performing technical work related to the Plant operation and maintenance


  • Prepares effluent samples for outside laboratory or within.
  • Fills daily reports on computer and on hand. Files daily documentation.
  • Performs technical work in the operation and maintenance.
  • Monitors, conducts analytical tests and makes adjustments to Plant equipment to maintain compliant effluent quality. Adjusts chemical feeds as necessary.
  • Makes periodic rounds to check the general operations of the plant; cleans rot sieves; unplug and clean pumps; remove debris; check operations of pumps.
  • Takes and records plant operation readings according to prescribed schedules.
  • Assists in wash down of equipment according to regular schedule.
  • Assists in maintenance of daily logs; reports unsafe conditions; records plant operating data as required.
  • Conducts effective and respectful communication and interactions with other employees, supervisors, managers and regulatory agency personnel.
  • Maintains all work areas in a clean and neat condition. Promptly cleans up all work areas and restores tools and equipment to their designated locations.
  • Complies with all plant rules and safety regulations.
  • Performs other related functions as assigned or as they become apparent.
  • Must be able to work different shifts as necessary and fill in for absent Wastewater Treatment Operators or Utility Operators as scheduled by the WWTP Supervisor.


  • Knowledge of wastewater theory and operations including activated sludge, clarification, disinfection, dissolved air flotation and anaerobic processing.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word ,Excel, Outlook).
  • Knowledge of mechanical theory of operation, maintenance and repair of related equipment and systems.
  • Knowledge of methods and precautions in storing and handling the chemicals necessary to the treatment process.
  • Ability to operate a variety of hand tools, machinery, vehicles and equipment.
  • Must possess a valid state driver’s license.
  • Must maintain a current forklift operator’s license
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED, supplemented by course work in wastewater subjects, maintenance and others.




 Employee may be required to work indoors and outdoors during seasonal heat and cold or other adverse weather conditions. Employee may be required to work where regularly they may be exposed to fumes, dust and odors, as well as high noise levels from operations in the plant. Employee may be required to lift equipment or perform maintenance that would require to lift up to 50 lbs.

Employee may be required to work shift work.  The shift work may be eight (8), ten (10), or twelve (12) hour shifts and it will be night shift and it may be early morning as needed.  There will be weekend, holiday and overtime work as needed.