Features Editor

EditorialRemote, California


Position at IGN

The Features Editor drives discussion around games, the industry, and the gaming community. This role collaborates with the news, social, and other editorial leads to determine topics of interest to our readers and creative ways to cover those topics. By leveraging our staff’s deep knowledge and expertise, we seek to contextualize, inform, and entertain in our features. The Features Editor not only identifies the issues we and the rest of the industry should be talking about, but, just as importantly, also guides our team on how we should be talking about them.

IGN’s editorial team is made up of all kinds of people that share a common love of games, TV, movies, comics, tech, and all things geeky. We strongly encourage people of every race, gender, sexual orientation, and background to apply.


Get IGN out in front of the big discussions we need to be having in the industry and help develop our reputation as a mature leader on these topics.

Own the intersection between news and the conversations around it, adding commentary and opinion to news coverage and overall trends and important topics you identify. 

Collaborate with the internal team of writers and video editors -- as well as freelancers -- to create content that spans multiple platforms from IGN.com to our YouTube and social pages. 

Onboard, assign and edit freelancers with topical expertise and work with them to create opinions and investigations that fairly explore all angles of a given story.

Maintain a features calendar that takes advantage of big releases, events, and anniversaries and also helps sustain traffic during cycles of low preview and review output.

Work with the video production team to discover and curate opportunities to adapt features content into video components.

Foster IGN writers'/editors’ natural inclination and interest in gaming topics, including varying contributors and points of view to coordinate regular opinion pieces (e.g. columns).

Spearhead the production of quick response videos, interviews, podcasts, and commentaries based on trending topics.

Coordinate with IGN’s commerce team to facilitate editorially-appropriate content.

Required skills

You have established experience as a senior writer and editor.

You consider yourself embedded in tracking gaming news, and seek to constantly reframe the biggest stories through follow-up features and commentary.

You understand how to write for IGN's audience and can collaborate with our audience development team to optimize your pieces for both search and organic discovery.

You have strong editorial opinions, excellent writing and editing skills, and are already writing about gaming (please share the published work your proudest of with us!)

You have established contacts in the gaming industry.

It would be extra awesome if...

You have good camera presence and can speak extemporaneously on games and entertainment-related topics.

You have experience in the entertainment or tech industry, in addition to games.

You have management experience and/or have managed a freelance budget worked and worked with contributors on a regular basis.

You have regularly covered trade shows and conventions.

If you think this sounds like the job for you, please apply here and make sure to provide a resume, and cover letter. (If you’re having any issues uploading multiple documents, feel free to combine them into one.)