Software Engineer in Productivity and Test

Engineering - EMEA Cambridge, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Req.Num.: 24988

Productivity Engineer (Virtualization/Hypervisor)
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Integral to the Nutanix software stack is the Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). AHV is an enterprise-grade hypervisor tailor-made for Nutanix's software solution and has reliability, performance and scalability characteristics proven to be capable of meeting the demands of the toughest enterprise and private cloud workloads. 

We are seeking to grow our Cambridge-based engineering team with talented software engineers who will help us develop AHV and shape the future of the software-defined datacenter. 

We are looking for an engineer to own the AHV developer productivity framework. This involves writing automation for orchestrating, for example, complex configurations in a matter of seconds involving hypervisor hosts as virtual machines. This highly efficient framework powers a substantial part of our tests and is used across the company by developers and QA alike. This is not your ordinary DEV or QA role, though. It is better suited to a software engineer with a passion for automation and efficiency, with a bit of DevOps thrown in for good measure.

The current framework is written in Python 3, but there will be opportunities to work on other components inside AHV. Experience in C, Rust or Golang would therefore be a bonus.

About the team

The team is led by industry experts with 20+ years of experience, who are leading AHV development globally. We have a forward-thinking approach to our work that has retained many of the best elements of start-up mentality whilst also recognising the need for mature delivery and execution. We work with open-source technologies including Linux KVM, QEMU, Open vSwitch and Libvirt.

Your role

  • Design, develop, and maintain the AHV productivity framework
  • Enable AHV developers to push towards making AHV highly reliable, performant and secure
  • Participate in hypervisor development on occasion, particularly when it involves features which are needed for interaction with the framework
  • Help the team develop reliable system tests to prevent regression in existing functionality and  discover defects as we develop and deploy new features
  • Help improve the build system, other developer productivity tools, and consistently find way that the team can automate their day-to-day tasks

What will you bring

  • Bachelor’s, Master’s degree in Computer Science (preferred) or another technical discipline/equivalent experience
  • At least 3 years of industry experience or equivalent research experience
  • Rock solid coding skills in Python for enterprise-quality software
  • Strong experience with Pytest
  • Detailed knowledge of Git and Docker
  • Experience with automation and SCM tools like Jenkins, Ninja/Meson, Make/CMake, and Gerrit is desirable
  • Knowledge of UNIX/Linux
  • Familiarity with OS internals and concepts of distributed systems

Meet the hiring manager!

Andrew Dunn is the Director of Engineering for AHV. He is a serial entrepreneur having founded several startup companies in the Cambridge area over the past 20 years, in areas as diverse as speech recognition and sustainability. He also has many years experience working on server virtualisation and cloud computing at Nutanix and XenServer, where he was awarded a patent.

What the Team Says

“You can expect Start-up vibes, a very dynamic and fluid type of place.”

“I applied to work at Nutanix a year ago because I heard the work environment was great and I am still impressed by how supportive the team and people in general are. There is always someone willing to help, experienced people are approachable and help newer people to settle in and familiarize with the ecosystem.”

How we work

We have good cooperation across different time zones, and we see a lot of value from in-person collaboration, so our approach is hybrid, mixing office and remote work. People who live nearby tend to be in the office most of the time, and those who are a bit further out try to visit at least once or twice a week. We are trying to minimize the number of meetings and nurture the culture of writing and sharing documents, which helped us achieve a more flexible schedule and transparent knowledge sharing. We also have weekly Nutanix lunch days that are a great opportunity to connect with the team and other colleagues.


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