Member of Technical Staff[ Python, React.Js]

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 The Opportunity

The Devex team at Nutanix built a log analyzer tool called Panacea. Panacea can be run against log bundles of Nutanix clusters and tool checks logs against filters (log lines) and reports in html format about the anomalies/recommendations to solve the same.
We are looking for an MTS -2 Engineer who is good at Python and React.JS framework to join the panacea team, enhance the tool by fixing bugs, recommend cool features to detect log anomalies and use UX/UI skills to generate intuitive reports for end users. Knowledge on Machine learning/Deep Learning would be an added advantage.


Engineering / R&D at Nutanix
Devex team is a developer extension team that takes care of complex issues(OnCall) faced by customers. The Devex team has built some tools based on the Logs/cluster environment and also by scraping JIRA for detecting the known issues.
The Devex team uses panacea for initial triage of the problem. Panacea can be used to detect known issues and also new signatures can be added. Panacea team is based out of Bangalore and being led by a leadership team at Bangalore.


Your Role

As a MTS engineer, you help us in fixing the bugs in the Panacea tool, help in redesigning the UI of panacea and work with the team in achieving the road map for Panacea.
Key Responsibilities
  • Work in the Panacea team in resolving the bugs of the product and also for Improvement of the product.
  • Suggest new features/new technologies to enhance the ROI of panacea so that initial triage of customer issues becomes easier.
  •  Collaborate with cross functional teams, understanding the challenges of their component and help them in using the Panacea tool and increase the ROI.
  • Work with the QA Engineer after developing the features of Panacea and maintaining the quality of the product.
  • Redesign the UI of panacea such that end users of panacea know about overall problems in a glance and know how to traverse the pages of multiple components.


What You Will Bring
  • Proficient in writing quality production code that can run on minimum resources (CPU/Memory).
  • 0-3 years of experience in Python 3, Flask framework and other popular python libraries like requests, pandas and numpy.
  •  1+ years of experience in Angular.JS and can design new UI pages.
  •  Strong Analytical skills and Problem solving skills with a keen eye for detail to detail are essential in executing complex projects.
  • Your ability to innovate, build and launch successful products should be demonstrated.
  •  Proficient in writing SQL queries.
  • Ownership of the product, own the technical issues and drive them till solution.
  • Nice to have understanding of Machine learning and Deep Learning concepts and
  • demonstrated ability to use them in solving complex problems.
Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelor's or Master's in Computer Science, or related field.
  • 2 years of experience in Python, Flask and React.JS


About the Team
The Panacea team has 6 engineers who are highly motivated and experienced from MTS-2 to Staff level engineers. Every engineer is working on making the tool better and adding features so that end users can easily use the Panacea tool to decrease the triage time for customer issues. The Panacea team is driving the tool in a direction that it can be used as a primary debugging tool against logs and increase the productivity of the engineer.
Panacea is a log analyzer tool that needs to be transformed using AI/ML technologies. Each line of code you write can save several man hours of Devex/SRE engineers who are on customer OnCalls.
Meet Venkata Ramarao Edara - Hiring Manager
Venkat joined Nutanix in Feb 2022 with the promise to Manage the DevEx team. Venkat has around 18 years of experience in building the teams across the Software Development, SRE and Devex teams. Venkat has managed the Nutanix HCM (Hybrid cloud management) team for 1 year and is now leading the development of Panacea from Aug 2023. Venkat has experience in Distributed systems/micro services/observability areas and now driving the panacea to be primary debugging tool and reduce triage time for complex technical issues.
What the Team Says:
The Panacea tool has been successfully deflecting customer cases that have an ROI of $120k every quarter, saving around $500k as return on investment from panacea. Panacea tool has been assisting in resolving around 5% of customer Oncalls and our aim is to achieve more here.
How We Work:
At Nutanix, we have a hybrid work model where employees are expected to be in the office three times a week. This allows for a balance between collaboration in person and the flexibility of remote work.


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