Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Specialized Services - Schools Gilbert, Arizona


Position at SESI Schools


The Certified Occupational therapy Assistant (COTA) is responsible for providing direct treatment programs as established and directed by the Occupational Therapist. The COTA will serve as an active team member for the implementation of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary therapeutic program to address the specific needs of the student. The long term goal of all the therapy provided will foster maximizing the independence and safety of the student. The COTA will be responsible for keeping accurate and current records, including Medicaid grids/progress notes and reports, as well as attending all required meetings.

QUALIFICATIONS: Associates of Science: Occupational Therapy Assistant; CT licensure and certification to practice as a COTA


  • Ability to be flexible in job locations and requirements
  • Demonstrate knowledge and commitment to the agency’s mission, vision, values and goals through leadership and functioning as a healthy and therapeutic role model
  • Demonstrate fairness, forethought and good judgment in decision making
  • Develop and maintain positive and collaborative communications/relations with co-workers, supervisors, students, families, state agency personnel, and other collaborative resources
  • Readily accept feedback from supervisors and colleagues, and foster a safe environment for dialogue and disagreement
  • Demonstrate effective conflict management and dispute resolution skills
  • Identify and solve problems by prioritizing needs, setting reasonable goals, establishing a plan, and following through to completion
  • Demonstrate ability to plan, set, and implement schedules in order to complete all necessary daily tasks.
  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills when interacting with students, their families, supervisors, and other professionals
  • Model good teaching practices, and reinforce skill development when supporting students both within the program and out in the community
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural, ethnic, racial, and socio-economic issues
  • Implement verbal & physical crisis intervention techniques (HWC) when necessary
  • Complete all required documentation in a thorough and timely manner
  • Comply with student confidentiality regulations and protocols (HIPPA)
  • Implement mandated procedures for reporting suspected child abuse & neglect in a timely manner.
  • Adhere to general environmental & safety policies/procedures
  • Maintain personal appearance and language appropriate for work setting
  • Adhere to all licensing regulations


  • Is responsible for being knowledgeable about the evaluation results and the student goals
  • Implement treatment protocols as prescribed by OTR/L, seeking clarification from OTR/L when necessary
  • Provide input into the intervention plan and chooses meaningful activities based on students individual needs and priority
  • Implement and makes modifications to the therapeutic activities and interventions that are consistent with demonstrated competency levels, student goals and within the realm of the School based practice model.
  • Establish and sustain a predictable schedule of occupational therapy service provision, in order to consistently provide direct and consultative occupational therapy services to students, as required by the IEP
  • Take responsibility for communication of coverage when absence from work assignment is foreseen.
  • Collect accurate data during occupational therapy sessions, and document results daily maintaining up to date billing and records.
  • Write concise reports which reflect the individual’s needs and progress.
  • Consult the OTR/L when a student is not making adequate progress, or when they have met a therapy objective.
  • Provide appropriate behavioral reinforcement consistent with student’s developmental age, personal preferences, & behavior plan
  • Model and instructs staff in the use of strategies to improve students’ performance outlined in their current IEP.
  • Train direct care staff members to carry-over occupational therapy recommendations with the students
  • Provide orientation training in the areas of sensory strategies
  • Consult with classroom regarding integration of occupational therapy techniques into daily routines
  • Restate information & concerns from the student, guardian, or staff to supervising OTR/L as appropriate
  • Function as a member of the educational team attending and contributing to student meetings.
  • Provides in-service and training on ADL routines, exercise programs, proper positioning, and protocols for sensory items and equipment.
  • Fulfill requirements for in-service training, including related total hours 


  • Ability to bend, kneel, squat and stand for long periods of time throughout the shift
  • Ability to grasp, retrieve, pinch and hold small items frequently
  • Ability to walk and run with or alongside the children when assisting them to and from the education/day programs, within the classrooms
  • Ability to perform procedures surrounding CPR, First Aid, physical restraints and crisis intervention for the safety of the students and staff
  • Ability to manage and handle stressful and emotionally charged interactions and situations.

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