Director of Academics

Program Administration Sacramento, California


Position at SESI Schools

The Opportunity

The Director of Academics-ACI is responsible for four primary roles as a member of the SESI Schools ACI Team* (Assessment, Curriculum, & Instruction).  The goal of the SESI Schools ACI Team is to create MODEL programs company-wide based on evidence-based research for assessment, curriculum, and instruction.  The Director of Academics-ACI reports to the Senior Vice-President Academics. Regional Vice-Presidents and Regional Directors work in coordination with the Director of Academics-ACI to determine priorities for individual schools.    

Primary Responsibilities: 

  1. Evaluate use of specific programs, materials, and methodologies utilized by according to a three-tiered system defined by student need and make recommendations for additional materials.
    1. Tier 1:  All students.
    2. Tier 2:  Some students (typically 2 years below grade level) who require increased specialization and individualization of instructional programming, strategies, and materials.
    3. Tier 3:  Specific students (typically three or more years below grade level who require research-based interventions designed to address specific skill deficits in a highly systematic and intensive manner. 
  2. Support schools in the implementation of all ACI initiatives through consultation, collaboration, and delivery of professional development aligned with the “Model Manual for Data-based Individualization and Intensive Academic Interventions.”    
  3. Support schools in the development of the Individual School Plan (ISP); monitor progress towards stated goals; and obtain resources to assist schools in achieving the goals.  
  4. Coach school leaders, teachers, and assistant teachers on effective strategies to implement High Leverage Practices (HLPs) in the school setting

In addition to acting in this capacity, the Director of Academics-ACI conducts regular on-site school visits to provide guidance on a variety of resources and ensure quality control and implementation.  Monitoring implementation of the ACI Compliance Evaluation; ABLE Lesson/Unit Plan; 4-Step Student Plans; Top 15/Top 10 Classroom Essentials/Quality Standards; Daily Plans; Quarterly Performance Standards; Core 4 Assessments; Quarterly IEP Progress Tracking; Individual School Plans (ISPs) and Action Plans are examples of metrics utilized to ensure uniform quality programs across all schools. 

 The Perks 

  • Compensation range $80,000 - $85,000 commensurate with experience
  • Comprehensive benefits package 
  • Tuition reimbursement support available 
  • Continued professional development and leadership support  

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and implement professional development accord to region, school, and individual needs. 
  2. Attend all meetings for The ACI & BEST Directors Team.
  3. Assist schools in analyzing all assessment data and collaborate with school teams to make instructional decisions based on data.
  4. Collaborate with school teams to analyze and improve Evidence of Quality Index (EQI) outcomes.    
  5. Participate in scheduled EQI/ACI team calls, as appropriate.
  6. Utilize Educational Quality Index (EQI) data to identify ACI priorities for each school.  
  7. Complete weekly log of school contacts and submit to SVP Academics by COB each Friday. 
  8. Collaborate with Senior Vice-President Academics, Director of Educational Technology, and Director of Quality Assurance, as needed, to make data-based decisions and select appropriate interventions. 
  9. Conduct ACI “Boot Camps” regionally and participate in centralized ACI training as new initiatives (e. g. High Leverage Practices) are introduced to all schools. 
  10. Participate in weekly ACI & BEST Director Team calls.
  11. Develop Measurement by Objectives (MBOs) each year based on ACI outcome measures; review quarterly. 



  • Participate in PBIS/CASE behavioral training provided by SVP Behavior and/or other members of the CASE team.
  • Support and coach teachers on PBIS/CASE strategies as part of ACI training.
  • Model and utilize CASE strategies and language (as appropriate) while in the classroom setting.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled coaching sessions with SVP Behavior on a basis during ACI RIS meeting as needed.
  • Note areas of concern regarding CASE implementation and take those concerns to director for follow-up and possible discussion at RIS meeting.
  •  Candidates should: 
    • possess a working knowledge of the SESI ACI Model & Process including 4-Step Students Plans, IEP tracking, and Daily Plans for example. 
    • have a minimum of one year teaching or leadership experience with SESI. 
    • currently be certified in special education.  
    • be proficient in use of our technology programs and systems (i. e. ABLE, i-Ready, IXL, etc.).
    • have advanced status according to the most recent formal observation if currently in a teaching position.
    • possess excellent organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills. 
    • be coachable and willing to learn from other members of the ACI team.  
    • be willing and able to travel among schools on a regular basis.