ER Veterinary Technician - Swing Shift

Veterinary Technician Pasadena, California


Position at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital Pasadena

ACCESS Pasadena is looking for an experienced veterinary technician to join our ER Team!

At  ACCESS Pasadena we aim to have the highest performing technician teams that support our collaborative work environment. We make decisions with our core values in mind: service, empathy, quality, integrity. If that aligns with your values and you bring a willingness to learn, grow, and collaborate, we're looking for you! 
What we offer:
Pay range for credentialed technicians: $32-$39/hr (dependent upon experience and skills assessment)  
Pay range for non-credentialed assistants: $27-$34/hr (dependent upon experience and skills assessment)

*Shift differentials of $2-$3/hr for swing/overnight shifts 
*Weekend shift differentials of $2/hr 

Industry leading benefits. We care about you and your family with benefits such as 100% paid parental leave (and purr-rental leave), mental health support, paid bereavement, financial planning assistance and educational opportunities.. 
Technician Growth. Our Level Up program ensures that you get paid for the things you learn, increasing your earning potential with each Level achieved. 
Schedule: Thursday - Saturday with 4th day option of Sunday, Monday or Tuesday
No two days in the ER are the same, but some of your responsibilities include (but are not limited to):   
  • Perform nursing care for patients consistently evaluating the patient. Nursing care requires comfort/familiarity with some of the following: 
  • CRIs: calculating rates with/without dilution, setting up, and contraindications with other medication(s) ordered. 
  • Oxygen support: ability to use and care for a patient on oxygen support via oxygen chamber. 
  • Telemetry: knowledge of common arrythmias and associated treatment(s) 
  • Urinary catheters (male): ability to place and maintain canine urinary catheters. Ability to set up for DVM and maintain post-op feline urinary catheters. 
  • Advanced catheters: set-up, placement, and use/maintenance of CVC and PICC lines 
  • Feeding tubes: set-up, placement, and maintenance of NG tubes. Assisting DVM for placement of e-tubes as well as owner demonstrations. 
  • Give accurate and detailed patient rounds. 
  • Perform safe patient restraint for physical exam, blood collection, IV catheter placement, abdominal ultrasound, cardiac ultrasound. 
  • Perform triages with an understanding of what a triage is and how to obtain a basic history from the owner. Know what triages are considered immediate 
  • Obtain temperature, pulse and respiratory rates from patients with knowledge of what normal ranges are and when to alert the doctor. Understand how and why to check the mucous membranes and know what this means. 
  • Perform in house laboratory tests including FeLV, FIV, 4Dx, Cortisol, Parvo, CBC and Chemistries.
    We look forward to hearing from you, apply today!