Human Resources Hickory, Kentucky Mayfield, Kentucky


Position at Pilgrim's

Interpreter  (English & Spanish)
Responsible for listening to, understanding, and translating spoken or written statements from one language to another.
 Facilitate effective communication between two parties that do not speak a similar language by converting one spoken or written language to another.
 Attend meetings and act as official translator to mediate discussion.
 Relay concepts and ideas between languages.
 Convert written materials and conversations from one language into another, such as advertisements, rules, policies and investigation reports. 
 Employ computer-assisted translation.
 Facilitate communication for people with limited English proficiency.
 Translate information for applicants during interviews and with hiring paperwork.
 Assist the clinic with the translation of medical information and Safety.
 Serve as backup for all facets of new employee orientation.
 Serve as backup for all facets of benefits specialist.
 Maintain highest levels of confidentiality.
 Provide immediate assistance to line supervisors.
Other duties as needed and assigned.
 Computer knowledge required.
 Attention to detail required.
 Ability to speak, write, type and translate to and from English/Spanish
 Personal and professional integrity required.
Comfortable working in cold/hot temperatures and stand 8-9 hours/ day
Some weekends as necessary
Knowledge in medical terminology preferred.
Trustworthy to handle confidential matters/information