Front-End Developer

IT And Software Development National Capital Region


Knowledge Skills Required
(To effectively perform the role, the position holder must have the following skills,
experience, qualification)

• Ability to write clean, modular, testable and efficient code using the latest
JavaScript (ES6+) features and patterns
• Strong understanding of React's component lifecycle, hooks, and state
management, and ideally familiarity with Next.js features such as server-side
rendering, static site generation, and API routes
• Experience implementing robust error-handling mechanisms and logging to ensure
seamless user experience and to diagnose issues
• Solid proficiency in CSS, pre-processors like SCSS or LESS, and component-level
styling solutions
• Ability to create layouts that meet accessibility standards and respond to various
screen sizes using frameworks such as Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS
• Experience applying performance optimisation techniques, lazy-loading, codesplitting, and leveraging browser caching
• Sound communication and organisational skills, with a strong willingness to learn