Account Manager

Finance And Back Office Taguig City, National Capital Region Pasig City, National Capital Region


Our account managers play a crucial role in connecting our existing clients and facilitating transactions on the platform through soft selling techniques. Each account manager would be responsible for servicing approximately 750 clients, primarily in Australia and NZ, reaching out to them bi-monthly via outbound calls. This translates to approximately 375 initiated contacts per month per account manager or 18.75 initiated contacts per working day. Given that each client interaction typically lasts 5-15 minutes and may require follow-up, we allocate 30 minutes per client.

Account Manager Tasks:

  • Embrace and demonstrate the client's values when working with members and other team members.
  • Exhibit curiosity and a willingness to learn about various industries and products.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of member industries and products to effectively communicate their features and benefits to other members.
  • Stay updated on member profiles and product informaƟon to provide informed advice and assistance.
  • Out bound contact with all clients in allocated base once a month, respond promptly
    and accurately to member inquiries, addressing their questions and concerns.
  • Handle phone and email inquiries from members in a professional, courteous manner.
  • Assist with scheduling and other administrative tasks associated with member interactions.
  • Support marketing activities and events as needed.

Achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as follows:

  • Transaction Volume per member per month of $1,500 BBX DTC.
  • Transaction fees (Cash) per member per month of $100.
  • Maintain a 70% interaction rate with regular members who have transacted in a
  • Maintain an 80% interaction rate with regular members who have interacted with the client's platform in a month.
  • Achieve a 98% member retention rate per month.