Applications Engineering Manager

Applications Engineering San Jose, California


Job Description:

 As an Applications Engineering Manager you will be responsible for switching power supply systems development and applications engineering. This is a highly technical role and the person is expected to be a hands on engineer and leader.

Specific responsibilities are:

  • Research and define switching mode power supply topologies based on the specialties of the company's products.
  • Work with IC designers on new product development and research new applications for new generations of company IC products.
  • Design and develop switching power supply units (psu) using the company's products for design ideas, data books or customer requirements including evaluation reports.
  • Evaluate switching power supplies built with the company's products.
  • Provide switching power supply design support and technical advice to the company's customers worldwide.
  • Research and write technical application materials for publication and presentation at technical conferences, industry seminars, trade magazines and data books.
  • Develop firmware for reference designs made with the company’s products
  • Lead a team of Application Engineers with core competence in Analog, Power Electronics and Digital Control


A minimum of 6 years of experience as Power Supply Design/Applications Engineer/Engineering Manager or similar design experience in any of the following areas:

  • Power converter design
  • Switch mode power supply design
  • Design of Inverters, Converters

Sound understanding of analog electronics design, control loop design and power magnetics design (transformer, chokes or inductors) is required.

Good understanding of power conversion topologies (buck, boost, bridge, flyback, resonant or forward converters) is required

Knowledge of printed circuit board (PCB) design, EMI, EMC and safety regulatory compliance, and simulation (such as PSpice, Simplis, or Saber) is required. Proficiency is use of tools such as MathCAD/Matlab is required

Firmware development skills using C/C++ are desired.

Excellent written and oral communications is desired.


BSEE/MSEE or foreign equivalent