Sr. New Product Definition Engineer

New Product Definition Pasig City, Philippines


Job Summary 

The role of the Senior New Product Definition Engineer is to analyze customer requirements and define new integrated circuit products with full application solutions which deliver compelling value to our customers. In the process of defining new IC products, the Senior New Product Definition Engineer will use advanced simulation techniques and fast prototyping methodologies to develop and validate algorithms and topologies. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and define compelling IC-based system solutions, based on customer and market-driven requirements for SMPS and lighting ballast solutions
  • Take leadership in the technical feasibility study which will be part of any new IC development, validating new topology and product ideas using modern simulation tools and fast prototyping methodologies prior to actual IC design
  • Architect, define and capture requirements for the new IC in an Objective Technical Specification
  • Cooperate with and provide support to the IC design team to ensure the IC implementation meets system requirement
  • Participate actively in design verification testing and characterization of first sample ICs in the lab
  • Recognize patentable intellectual property in Power Integrations' application designs and ICs to protect our market position
  • Provide support to the applications team to facilitate acceptance and design-in of Power Integrations IC products


  • Bachelor's degree in electronics or electrical engineering with strong analytical and practical skills
  • 5 years hands-on experience specifying and developing SMPS and lighting ballast designs in the 5-50W range, ideally with IC implementation
  • Broad and deep understanding of power conversion topologies including flyback, forward and half bridge topologies for off-line use
  • Appreciation of cost/performance trade-offs in SMPS design for cost-sensitive, high volume applications
  • Thorough magnetics design knowledge and experience
  • Control loop theory and practice in the context of switch-mode power supplies
  • Good understanding of international EMC and electrical safety regulations and circuit techniques to achieve compliance at minimal BOM cost
  • Proficiency with software tools such as Matlab, Mathcad, Simplis/Simetrix, Labview
  • Familiarity with digital circuit design, microcontrollers, FPGA prototyping and Verilog programming
  • Demonstrated ability to write accurate and concise technical documentation including bench evaluations and simulation result
  • First rate practical bench skills and confident user of lab equipment
  • Creative problem solver
  • Excellent interpersonal and cross-functional team working skills
  • Capable of maintaining system overview throughout a complex product development cycle
  • Flexible working approach in a project based organization
  • Ability to accept ideas from others and have an open mind towards new application and product ideas
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to communicate effectively across multiple audiences both internally and externally
  • Works on own initiative, self-starting and proactive