Design Lab Technician

IC Design Engineering San Jose, California


Design Lab Technician (US)


Job Description:

  • Work closely with Design engineers to evaluate, debug and characterize Power Integration products, using oscilloscopes and other lab equipment
  • Build power supply boards by soldering components (including surface mount components) onto printed circuit boards
  • Use a FIB machine to perform surgeries on a chip (previous experience using a FIB machine is highly desired but not a prerequisite)
  • Probe signals on a chip for debugging
  • Use a temperature chamber to take measurements
  • Use software products such as Word, Excel, Visio, etc. in data presentation, and in drawing schematics and flowcharts when required
  • Assist in daily operation of Design Lab, including keeping the lab equipment within calibration requirements



  • Associate’s degree in electrical engineering technology or related discipline
  • 6+ years of related experience as a design lab technician
  • Occasional lifting may be required to move lab equipment for calibration, etc.