AI/ML Scientist,Snr. Staff

Research and Development Bangalore, India


Position at Enphase Energy


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World’s best software-defined home energy solutions company



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Snr. Staff AI/ML Scientist


CTO India

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CTO Lead India




Mission (Why does this role exist?) and Scope (About the Job)

Enphase Energy is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic Energy Systems Companies in the world. Today, our integrated hardware and software solutions empower people to make, store, use, sell, and share their own energy. We are accelerating the shift away from fossil fuels and toward the clean electrification of our homes, businesses, and communities. Enphase has already installed more than 34 million microinverters, which are helping power approximately 1.5 million households across 130 countries.

We are continuing to grow around the world. Enphase was listed on the S&P 500 for the first time in January 2021, featuring a market capitalization of more than $20 billion.

CTO team at Enphase nurtures forward looking technologies and works closely with business units to consume them for upcoming product development. We are now extending our CTO organization in Bangalore by building ~15-member team. This team will consist of technology leaders with deep hands-on experience and passion for technology.

We seek experienced AI/ML Sr Staff who will be able to work across multiple technologies, products, and organizations. Breadth and Depth of technologies (AI/ML, Optimisation, IOT, Cloud, Mobile) with hands-on experience with multiple programming language is must for this role. Your ability to learn and prototype products / projects, design and implementation of maintainable, high-quality, and high-performing data driven solutions and products is essential for the success in this role.

Work closely with Functional heads, Product managers, Analysts, other Architects to bring multiple concepts to working / prototyping / launching stage. Provide hands-on technical expertise to design, engineer, deploy, and deliver including driving improvements in standards, and processes.

Key Responsibilities and Outcomes (What the Person needs to accomplish in the role?)

  • Hands on experience to work on time series modelling, time series prediction and forecast algorithms
  • Apply various conventional AI/ML algorithms such as ARIMA, SARIMA and deep ML based algorithms such as LSTM, RNN, Auto encoders
  • Apply state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms such as Linear regression, Naïve Bayes, Decision Trees, Random Forest, SVM, PCA, PLS etc.
  • Apply probabilistic forecast on time series data
  • Work on problems related to predictive maintenance, asset health monitoring, Residual Useful Life (RUL) calculation etc.
  • Apply statistical signal processing techniques for data cleaning
  • Apply time series techniques like Fourier transform, Fast Fourier transforms, Wavelets to solve problems related to time series analysis
  • Analyze time series data using correlation analysis, partial correlation analysis, factor analysis, contribution plots
  • Estimate model orders, delays from the data, refine models based on performance metrics
  • Build pipeline of AI/ML using data pre-processing, feature engineering, modelling, post processing, result validation, model deployment
  • Ability to work on large scale time series data


Qualifications: Education, Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Behaviour) and Experience


  • Minimum Qualifications
    • PhD, M.E/ M. Tech, B Tech in Computer Science (preferred), Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics any other related discipline
    • PhD+5 years or Master+8 years, B.Tech. +12 years of solid experience in Industry or academia.
    • Experience in programming languages like R, Python, PySpark, MATLAB etc.
    • High quality organizational and leadership skills
    • Ability to study state of the art of research publications and patents
    • Outstanding communication (verbal, written) and presentation abilities
    • Positive team player attitude with conflict management and influencing skills.
    • Experience mentoring team members and/or leading teams
  • Preferred Qualifications
    • Exposure or knowledge in Renewable Tech companies
    • Hands-on experience in Big data tools like Apache Spark, Kafka, Pulsar, HDFS, Apache Airflow, Cassandra, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, time-series databases etc.  
    • Exposure to machine vision and deep-ML architectures such as CNN, R-CNN, Fast CNN, Faster R-CNN, YOLO, Detectron etc.
    • Experience of publishing patents and publications