Laboratory Engineering Assistant - Optical

Research and Development Raleigh, North Carolina


Position at Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp.


This position is responsible for product qualification testing of standard products and mechanical/environmental testing of developmental products.  The individual must be able to perform as a technical consultant to the lab technicians and production test personnel.   Basic responsibilities include development new systems or procedures for testing.  The individual will conduct any kind of experiments related to characteristics of products.  The position requires leadership skills and thorough knowledge of material test methods and equipment. 

  1. Perform product qualification tests and provide primary result analysis reports.
  2. Perform mechanical/environmental tests on developmental products per guidelines indicated by requestors or engineers.
  3. Develop or improve test methods and test systems per guideline indicated by engineers. Duties include constructing experimental set-up, conducting experiments, designing test apparatus, etc.
  4. Develop or improve software for testing, graphical presentation, or data analysis, per guidelines indicated by engineers.
  5. Train inspection and production personnel on new test
  6. Develop or revise operation manuals for testing.
  7. Develop laboratory operations improvements, safety and Kaizen activities.
  8. Perform field testing of cables, special tests and other experiments as requested by engineers
  9. Perform minor maintenance and cleaning of equipment.
  10. Ensure a safe and clean work environment.
  11. Stock and maintain necessary supplies, following budgetary and policy guidelines.
  12. Perform other functions and tasks as requested by engineers.


  • Associates degree in a technical curriculum such as engineering or physics, or equivalent work experience.
  • Strong writing, mathematical and computer programming skills desired.
  • BA/BS in Engineering or Physics desired.
  • 1 to 3 years of fiber optics or general laboratory work experience.