Assistant Teacher: Special Education

Assistant Teachers/Paraprofessionals Sacramento, California


Position at SESI Schools


Behavior Support and Supervision


  • Supervise students across program and provide behavioral support in accordance with the school-wide behavior support system
  • Assist with crisis intervention as needed


Academic Prep and Instruction:


  • Assist teacher as requested with developing rotation groups
  • Assist Classroom Teacher with assignment preparation (make copies of assignments, create and/or upload Google Classroom assignments, create Google Slides, etc.)
  • Access the Teacher’s Edition to each lesson in the rotations you are assigned to lead. Understand the learning objective for each lesson and practice guiding students toward comprehension before beginning instruction. 
  • Run small groups as assigned by the Teacher/Classroom Rotation Schedule


Documentation and Data Entry:


  • Update CASE Point Sheets throughout the day. Meet with classroom team after the students have left to verify all points are accounted for.
  • Assist with updating Synchronous and Asynchronous Attendance Log in Teams
  • Verify which students are being marked present for the day by observing the Counseling and Transition columns in the Attendance Log in Teams. Remember: students are marked Present in ABLE if they have minutes listed in ANY column that day. Create a CASE Point Sheet for each student being marked present.
  • Update the CASE Cash Calculator each afternoon. Verify that you are on the correct day/week, then enter all CASE Cash earned or spent.
  • Submit any necessary Incident Reports or BERs to Admin Asst and Site Director.




  • Assist Teacher with tracking minutes completed and lessons passed.




  • Make IEP goal tracking documents for each student’s academic and behavioral goals.
  • Place a copy of the goal tracking documents in each student’s portfolio. Place another copy in a separate “IEP Goal Tracking Binder” for use during instruction.
  • Track and document progress on academic goals when leading IEP goal informed lessons.
  • Ensure each student’s “Personal Goal” on the CASE Point Sheet is related to their IEP Behavior Goal. This practice will assist with tracking Behavioral Goal Progress.
  • Read each student’s BIP. Ensure familiarity with interventions to be used and avoided.


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