Driving Enterprise, Alabama


Position at Pilgrim's

Egg Truck Drivers Responsibilities

  • Work days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday / 4:00 a.m. until job is finished. (times may vary)
  • Several hours of heavy physical labor during the work day. Will consist of loading empty buggies on the egg trailer, dropping empties off at the farms, loading full buggies of eggs from the farm on the trailer (approx. 1000 lbs per buggy full of eggs), scanning all buggies of eggs at the farm into a M-tech scanner. Writing down the dates of the buggies picked up on each farm.   Unloading eggs at the hatchery and lining up in the cooler room by flocks with the freshest eggs to the back of the lineup.  Downloading scanned information once back to the hatchery after unloading eggs.  Document all dates of the buggies picked up onto a log sheet in the breakroom.
  • All farms, eggs are to be picked up at least twice a week more if there is a shortage of eggs.
  • Be sure to select the correct date, farm and the correct size of egg buggies
  • Recount buggies before scanning and loading on to the trailer
  • The inside of trailers are to be washed out weekly. This consist of foaming and disinfecting the trailers.
  • Inside of the cab tractor is the driver’s responsibility keep it clean. Clutter may cause an accident.  Take pride in your ride.
  • Trailer temperatures should be maintain 65 to 68 degrees while transporting eggs to the hatchery.
  • Cooler rooms on the farm also need to be maintained at 65 to 68 degrees, if you find the cooler rooms not within these guidelines it should be documented.
  • Buggies are to be loaded in a timely manner on the farm.
  • All buggies must be locked in the trailer using two locking bars prior to hauling the eggs from the farms to hatchery.
  • Pilgrims uses an electronic log and cameras in the tractors. Drivers must comply with all Pilgrims DOT policies.