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Position at JBS USA

About JBS   

JBS began in 1953 as a small, family-owned company in Brazil. We have continued to steadily grow and are now the largest animal protein processor in the world. Though our business has grown, our family values remain our foundation. We seek to hire dedicated individuals who are committed to learning and share our desire to be the best. At JBS, our team members are our most important asset and feeding the world is our greatest goal. The Plainwell facility began operations in 1918 under the Murray Packing company. In the 1960's, it was acquired by Murco and in 1998 by Packerland. In 2000, Packerland was acquired by Smithfield. In 2010, the facility joined the JBS USA family.   

Plainwell is the only JBS plant with Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP), a packaging process that changes oxygen levels to extend shelf-life. The MAP process is a part of the Plainwell ground beef operation. Plainwell is also one of the few plants that produces ground beef patties. Over one million lbs (450,000 kg) of beef are produced each day. The Plainwell facility produces biogas in an anaerobic lagoon and uses it in place of natural gas to heat a portion of the water used in the plant. The facility was recognized by the American Meat Institute as a Tier 3 facility for its accomplishments with ISO 14001. Plainwell recently built a $31 million distribution center (85,000 ft²) with a 55,000 box capacity.   


Investing in our people is a large part of the reason why success at JBS is so achievable. Working in operations gives you the opportunity to contribute to the very core of our business: producing the highest quality products for families around the globe.  At the JBS operations facilities, we offer career growth opportunities for people with all kinds of interests and backgrounds who are interested in working in a fast-paced, hands-on environment.  Additionally, opportunities for those who enjoy working within the production environment and are excited about both leading a team and ensuring we are producing a top quality, safe product for families across the globe.   


JBS® values the people who make our company a success. We want to be sure our team members know just how much we appreciate their dedication by ensuring they love working with us. As part of our total compensation package, JBS® and offers comprehensive employee benefits designed to meet the healthcare and financial goals of our team members and their families today, tomorrow and in the future.   

Purchasing Assistant
Serves under Purchasing Supervisor   

The primary responsibilities of purchasing assistant are the retrieving, issuing, and stocking of parts and materials.  The stockroom clerk is the first responder to assist at counter to handle parts retrieval and issuance.    

Expected duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Retrieving, issuing, and documenting parts and materials as they are received and dispersed.
  2. Receiving and taking delivery of parts and materials.
  3. Delivering parts and materials.
  4. Operating a forklift
    1. Load and unload product placing bales of cardboard, chemicals, machinery etc. away in warehouses and overhead storage racks.
    2. Unloading freight and chemicals from incoming deliveries.
    3. Dumping 2 cu yd dumpsters filled with trash, production residue, and hide sludge and other waste materials into open top trash dumpsters and trash compactors.
    4. Retrieving chemicals from chemical storage and racking and delivering to various departments. 

Individual must be attentive to detail and record keeping to perform the following:   

  1. Taking daily or cyclical inventories.
  2. Verifying on hand inventories.
  3. Verifying incoming shipments of materials.
  4. Posting receivers on computer system.
  5. Issuing materials from inventory on computer system.
  6. Filing paperwork and documents by combination of company name and numerical sequence.
  7. Hand writing issue slips and inventories requiring:
    1. Legible penmanship
    2. Ability to read and interpret detail of labels and placards on materials.
    3. Ability to write twelve (12) digit number sequences without transposing numbers.
  8. Finding parts and materials in the computer data base for maintenance and other departments.
    1. Checking on hand computer balances.
    2. Finding locations and warehouses where parts are stored.
    3. Researching Order histories including the following:
      1. On order quantities
      2. Requisitions and details including for whom the materials were ordered.
      3. Receiving histories.
      4. Issue histories.
      5. Return and repair histories.
      6.  Handling Repairs and returned parts and materials.

Individuals must have strong work ethic, be dependable, able to work independently (often without direct supervision) and possess a strong cooperative attitude.    

 Other experience or background that is not required but is helpful and preferred is:   

  1. Ability to speak and/or write English.
  2. Strong Computer Skills
  3. Familiarity with mechanical parts and materials.
  4. Maintenance experience.
  5. Experience with packaging materials.
  6. Experience in handling chemicals.
  7. Warehouse or stockroom experience.

Will be 8 hours Shift  - Hours: 8 hours shift Sunday thru Thursday  

                                     From 7:00pm to 3:30am