CDL Driver - Breeder Hatchery

Driving Athens, Georgia


Position at Pilgrim's

Breeder Hatchery Utility Job Description


Summary of Opening:

The individual selected for this position will be cross-trained across 3 positions to be a floating driver, filling in as needed. Positions include Pullet Movement, Chick Delivery, and Egg Haul. Chick Delivery and Pullet Movement include MOFFETT operation.

Pullet Movement: responsible for loading cages onto trailers, offloading empty cages into chicken houses, and hauling empty and full cage trailers between pullet and breeder farms. Washing cages, trailers, and lifts.

Chick Delivery: responsible for counting load, loading (manually pushing dollies), hauling chicks to the farm, offloading with MOFFETT, and returning empty dollies and baskets to the hatchery. Monitor trailer components to ensure an optimum environment for chicks hauled throughout the day. 1-3 loads a day.

Egg Pickup: responsible for loading empty egg buggies onto the trailer and securing the load. Egg buggies will be delivered to farms and rolled inside egg/work rooms, full buggies will be scanned in, loaded, secured, and hauled back to the hatchery. Responsible for unloading at the hatchery and marking rows to ensure accurate inventory. Monitoring the ThermoKing trailer throughout the day to ensure optimum conditions for eggs. Pay is a flat hourly rate while hauling eggs.

Successful applicants must realize that they are representing Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation whenever they are driving a company vehicle, making sure to always follow the rules of the road.

Pay is hourly.

Description of Duties/Qualifications:

  1. Will complete one of the above jobs daily/weekly.
  2. Load securement is the driver’s responsibility in all positions.
  3. Must be able to drive large trucks in all types of weather and at night.
  4. Must be able to push/pull 100+ lbs.
  5. Must have a valid CDL Class A license, a good driving record, a drug-free record, and must pass a DOT physical.
  6. Will be required to pass extensive Criminal Background check
  7. Will use a company-provided e-log system.
  8. Will follow all DOT HOS regulations.
  9. Vision correctable to 20/20.
  10. Must possess good decision-making ability.
  11. Good work ethic.
  12. Able to work in hot and dusty environments.
  13. The normal work week is a 5-day week. Summer months are Sunday and Monday nights, and the rest of the week is dependent on work to be completed. Winter months are Monday to Friday. Work any scheduled holidays. Sometimes we work Saturdays or Sundays if needed.
  14. Start times vary depending on the shift being filled. Scheduled for 5-10-hour day.
  15. Must be able to operate Manual CMV