Customer Operations Lead Analyst

Customer Service Carol Stream, Illinois


Position Overview  

The Customer Operations Lead Analyst is responsible for interfacing with the customer to align  customer expectations and operational performance. The Customer Operations Lead Analyst  will collaborate with the operations, inventory and quality teams to ensure all inventory and  quality management issues are identified and resolved appropriately. The Lead Analyst will also  provide supervision for the Customer Operations Specialists. 

Position Responsibilities  

Provide data and reporting to the customer, including regular KPI reporting and  commentary  

Produce and deliver reporting using standard DSC tools in the areas of carrier  performance, inbound load quality, consignee performance and volume spike impact  (space, profile effects, balancing)
Follow up on late orders, product availability, carrier rescheduling  

Address customer requirements shortcomings – quality                 concerns, volume spikes, etc.

Handle all customer requests for exception management with Operations 
Review forecast   data provided by the customer with Operations  Optimization 

Develop the production schedule  

Evaluate demand against open orders 

Collaborate with the customer on builds 

Review labor planning with Workforce Management; analyze          underperforming or  inefficient builds 

Develop the production schedule  

Evaluate demand against open orders  

Collaborate with the customer on builds 

Job Qualifications -Required  

Bachelor’s degree 

Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access) 

Proven ability to analyze data and provide recommendations based on analysis Strong interpersonal and communication skills 

2 years of supervisory experience  

Ability to travel as needed