Environmental Health & Safety Grand Island, Nebraska


Position at JBS USA Food Company

The position oversees development and implementation of pandemic response practices and audits adherence to those practices, ensures compliance with CDC, and OSHA requirements, and conducts root-cause analyses of plant level pandemic-related issues. The Supervisor monitors and documents the effectiveness of the pandemic control measures used in the facility and ensures alignment with the plant and corporate safety program.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with Safety Manager and the Senior leadership management to cultivate the plant pandemic response culture.
  • Serve as the plant level pandemic response subject matter expert.
  • Manage pandemic response resources and related departmental budgets.
  • Manage plant level health crisis response team of [] team members.
  • When necessary, plan, request, and assist in the hiring of new personnel.
  • Work within the plant framework to foster the career growth of direct reports.
  • Serve as the primary contact on pandemic issues.
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with plant, business unit, and corporate level team members.
  • Create, manage, and review site specific pandemic compliance programming.
  • Appraise and implement new health regulations as they relate to plant operations.
  • Ensure that team members are adequately trained in pandemic response plan procedures.
  • Work as the internal incident manager, ensuring that pandemic-related emergencies and injuries are properly managed.
  • Oversee, manage and ensure pandemic orientation for all new team members.
  • Review all contract documents related to ongoing or proposed work for pandemic related issues.
  • Review subcontractor pandemic programs: ensure that subcontractor programs are compliant with corporate, OSHA, and CDC regulations.
  • Conduct pandemic response audits. Audits will include a brief summary report noting any deviations from the pandemic response plan and corrective actions that may be necessary to promote the health and safety of workers and the public.
  • Organize and conduct pandemic response training as necessary.
  • Maintains pandemic checklists.
  • Improves and Corrects working conditions, using knowledge of industrial processes, mechanics, psychology, and safety standards, in regards to environmental health.
  • Writes hazard assessments to address why specific actions were taken.
  • Coordinate needed facility modifications with maintenance
  • Calibrating, tracking, logging of screening process and temp logs
  • Audit / Visit other plants for establishing best practices
  • Promotes and encourages participation in safety, health and environmental programs in regards to pandemic response.
  • Conducts chemical sampling and ensures chemical training and availability
  • Assist supervisors in training and educating employees in regard to Covid-19 issues.
  • Team will be responsible for common area compliance and housekeeping audits
  • Conduct training with employees on community best practices
  • Coordinates with TQM and responsible for updating signage as needed for freshness
  • Writes reports implementing the safety program, trains employees, and ensures that all equipment is in good working condition.
  • Performs other duties or tasks as needed or assigned by the Safety Manager.

The Superintendent is required to be competent in the following: 

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent grammar and writing skills
  • Strong supervision skills
  • Proven ability to lead others
  • Communication and interpersonal skills to effectively manage and motivate employees and communicate objectives and action plans.
  • Ability to research pertinent facts, data and other information from internal and external sources
  • Proficient use of computer and corresponding programs – Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Ability to implement behavioral-based safety techniques to improve/maintain response plan performance
  • Ability to establish positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders