Hourly Production Calhoun, Georgia


Position at Pilgrim's


  1. Operation of the grinding, batching, pelleting, ingredient transfer, steam and compressed air systems in a manner to produce and deliver maximum quality feed safety and efficiently.
  2. Dump bag ingredients weighing 50-55 pounds into the assigned micro system bins as needed to minimize no-flows during the shift and fill micro bins at the end of the shift. Also, repair damaged bags in the warehouse by taping up torn bags and dumping the damaged bags ASAP.
  3. Record, date, and initial all documents and maintain accurate reports regarding feed manufacturing processes as instructed by supervisor.
  4. Rotating feed and ingredient bins according to schedule or as instructed by supervisor.
  5. Record process downtime on all manufacturing reports and communicate with other shifts and supervision regarding manufacturing problems.
  6. Maintain current and accurate inventory of finished feeds on the inventory board in the control room.
  7. Assist maintenance with troubleshooting and fixing problems with all feed manufacturing equipment.
  8. Assist receiving operators with problem resolution to maintain an adequate supply of ingredients. Also, weigh inbound and outbound ingredient trucks.
  9. Operate forklift to receive bag ingredients into the warehouse and place on micro bin platform for use in a manner that complies with OSHA regulations.
  10. Maintain good housekeeping in the control room and on the micro bin platform at all times. May also be responsible for other housekeeping duties as designated by supervisor.
  11. Pull samples of finished feeds and prepare as needed by quality control.
  12. Answer phone and voice mail in the control room and communicate with growers and GK field supervisors to resolve feed delivery problems in the absence of feed mill office personnel and supervision.
  13. Perform and document daily routine safety inspections of work area as designated by supervisor.
  14. Notify supervisor of any problems with equipment and/or process.
  15. May be required to perform other job duties as required and deemed necessary by supervisor.




  • Required to sit, stand, and walk throughout the day.
  • Required to hold arms in front of body infrequently throughout the period of the workday. (Arm extension may exceed 15 inches)
  • Repetitive motion with hands, wrist, and arms.
  • Must have good communication skills. Must be able to lift up to 55 pounds.
  • Must be able to read and write in English.
  • Must be able to work rotating shifts, weekends, holidays, and have a flexible schedule.
  • Must be able to operate all equipment with training.
  • Must be able to operate equipment by computer with training.
  • Must be able to climb ladders, stairs, and work at high levels.




  • Awkward Postures: (Of Little Concern) Sustained or prolonged static activities (Holding arms at waist level with extension that may exceed 15 inches)
  • Forceful Exertions: (Of Possible Concern) Lifting bag ingredients and transferring to micro bins.
  • Repetitive Exertions: (Of Possible Concern) Constant motion performing different jobs