Operations Management (Live, Plant, Feed mill) Hyrum, Utah


Position at JBS USA Food Company


  • Monitors fabrication lines by evaluating product and administering corrective procedures as sees fit (i.e. provides indirect job specification training).
  • Coordinates attendance issues by coordinating personnel to fill vacant or absent positions and minimizing turnover rates.
  • Receives production information at supervisor meeting, relays schedule to department personnel
  • Conducts pre-operational inspection of area, sets up production equipment, and submits maintenance work orders as needed.
  • Maintains food and work safety regulations.
  • Greets and speaks with personnel to provide cohesive working environment
  • Audits product and employee safety throughout shift
  • Controls waste by minimizing products sent to inedible and providing sanitary working environment
  • Maintains yield standards by attaining box counts, scheduled production levels, etc.
  • Processes post-operational attendance information from Kronos system
  • Conducts line meetings monthly or as circumstances dictate to address department issues or concerns



  • College experience with animal science or management emphasis beneficial
  • Bilingual in preferred but not required
  • Minimum 2-5 years production experience preferred
  • Knowledge of meat processing and subsequent job specifications
  • Management/communication skills advantageous.