Supply Chain ESG Specialist

Logistics Torino, Italy


Position at SEWS-Cabind S.p.a

SEWS CABIND located near Turin, it currently has eight production plants operating in Morocco, Poland and Albania. SEWS CABIND is a renowned partner in the supply of harnesses, cables and components for the automotive and agricultural sectors. Our people are our greatest asset and respect for human resources is a fundamental principle of the Sumitomo Spirit. We are part of Sumitomo Electric Group  a globally recognized technology leader with over 280,000 employees working in approximately 415 branches and affiliates in over 40 countries around the world.  


Supply Chain ESG Specialist   

The Supply Chain ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Specialist is responsible for developing and implementing sustainability programs within the supply chain of the company. This includes designing strategies to evaluate and improve the environmental and social impact of the company's supply chain activities, as well as ensuring compliance with ethical and governance standards.  

Type of contract: Permanent   

Place of work  

Collegno (TO)  

Job Duties and Responsibilities  

  • Conducting assessments of supply chain to identify ESG risks and opportunities for improvement.
  • Developing and implementing sustainable sourcing practices to reduce environmental impact, improve social conditions, and enhance governance within the supply chain.
  • Collaborating with suppliers to set and achieve sustainability goals, and to track and report progress on ESG performance metrics.
  • Working with cross-functional teams to integrate ESG principles into procurement and vendor management processes.
  • Contributing to company LCA for supply chain aspects.
  • Coordinating at company level activities related to Supply chain LCA and ESG monitoring and improvements.
  • Monitoring regulatory developments and industry best practices related to supply chain sustainability, and recommending appropriate actions to stay ahead of emerging trends.
  • Communicating with stakeholders, including customers, to raise awareness of the company's ESG initiatives and accomplishments.
  • Building partnerships with external organizations and industry associations to drive collaboration and knowledge sharing on sustainable supply chain practices.

Skills and Qualifications  

The ideal candidate for this role should have a strong background in supply chain management, as well as a good understanding of environmental, social, and governance issues. They should also possess excellent analytical and communication skills, and be able to work effectively across multiple departments and with external partners to drive sustainable change within the supply chain. Master degree a degree in scientific disciplines and fluent English are required. Knowledge of French is appreciated   


1/2ys experience on Sustainability-related activities  

Special Conditions  

  • Flexible working hours
  • Partial remote work
  • Flexible benefits platform

How to apply