Digital Customer Consultant

Consulting Tokyo, Japan


Position at Capgemini Japan

The High-Tech Digital Customer Consultant will mainly take the following three Roles & Responsibilities:


  1. Digital Customer Project Delivery Engagement:
    • Target engagements are: (1) Digital Marketing, (2) Sales Process Reengineering driven by Customer Relationship Management / Customer Lifecycle Management, (3) Channel Transformation driven by eCommerce, (4) Order to Cash Business Process Transformation in ERP Implementation Project, (5) Engineering Transformation especially for Customer Interaction Space such as Preventive Maintenance.
    • Expected Roles & Responsibilities are: (1) Market Analysis Support in Strategy Phase and Business Process Designer in Planning Phase not only as a single contributor but also managing his team, (2) Project Management Support in Transformation/SI Phase (schedule management, issue management, coordination, etc.)


  1. Acceleration Support for High-Tech Strategic Opportunities:
    • Target of the Strategic Opportunities are: (1) Big System Integration Opportunities such as S/4HANA, SFDC, etc., (2) Engineering Services for High-Tech Clients started from New Technology Strategy (Inside-Out/Outside-In) then expand to BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer), Global Engineering Model leveraging GEC (Global Engineering Center), Ecosystem Building leveraging VCaaS (Venture Client as a Services), etc.
    • Expected Roles & Responsibilities are: (1) Client Discussion Support by preparing for discussion materials collaborating with Capgemini Japan and/or Global Teams, (2) Proposal Documentation Support for strategic opportunities leveraging the person’s experience and expertise of industry and consulting and (3) Client & Capgemini Internal Communication and Coordination Support


  1. Drive APAC/Global Collaboration and Diversity
    • Cross-Boarders Coordination Support: There are a lot of cross-borders interactions in sales, proposal and delivery stages. Especially, to launch TMT speedy, getting support from APAC/Global is critical. This person will be required to support cross-border collaboration leveraging the person’s global communication and coordination skills.
    • Diversity Promotion in Capgemini Japan: Though Capgemini Japan is diversified in the sense of countries of origin, there is still room to improve diversifications in a true meaning from mental and cultural perspectives. Though there is not clear “answers”, this person is expected to drive and promote this company wide activity.



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