DATA部門 Data Migration Specialist

Insight & Data Tokyo, Japan


Position at Capgemini Japan

Roles and Responsibilities- 

1.Understand the data migration strategy incl master data prep, procedures , tools and templates from SAP central team incl MDM (Master Data Management) team.
2.Work directly with customers, functional consultants and technical consultants
             Explain to them about data migration strategy incl master data prep, procedures , tools and templates
             Prepare the master data prep schedule with the customers and MDM teams
             Let customers fill in the template with the data (Master data and transaction data), and collecting/validating them
             Attend the workshops and identify the data migration objects and data conversion requirements with functional teams
             For the data conversion requirements, work with development team and functional consultants to document the requirements for the design and development.
             Work with the functional consultants to get the finalized coding conventions such as material groups, payment terms, etc, reflect the templates with them, explain to the customers about them and let the customers fill in the templates with codes finalized.
             Support the customers in planning data migration dry run and data migration for go live
             Send the validated data (master data and transactional data) to India ADM (Application Development and  Maintenance) factory. ADM is supposed to upload the data into the target environment.
             Data migration resources get the feedback from ADM factory and explain to the users to let them correct it.
             Support the customers in MDM/MDG(Master Data Governance) process
3. Understand technical data conversion issues, resolve issues and communicate solutions.
4.Technical support for customer in data migration (Planning, Dry run, Migration)
5. Facilitate the sign-off of deliverables with customer
6. Manage data migration team and realize effective collaboration work with ADM
1. Native Japanese + Business level English
2. 5+ years of SAP data migration experience
3. (For Lead role) 5+ years of experience leading teams using global delivery model (onsite offshore)
4. Experience with the complete software project lifecycle, understanding of the importance of data conversion and the time commitment involved.
5. Ability to educate client on importance of data accuracy and completeness and guiding them on methods and tools to improve data quality
6. Strong technical problem solving skills, with an ability to troubleshoot complex issues.
7. Hands-on including Documentation.
8. Communication skill, Good Interpersonal skill and flexibility
             Hand-on experience with cloud (Azure) is preferred.
             Experience with BI tools is preferred.
             Fundamental understanding of ITIL is preferred.
             Experience of team management is preferred.
             Japanese: native  (reading, writing and speaking)
             English: business (reading, writing and speaking)
             Willing to learn new technologies and pick up challenging work.
             Proactive and details oriented.
             Team player.



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